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Thank you Trick420!

I just recieved a my PIF in the mail from Trick420. He included a blade sampler, a sample of Arko (i don't get it, it smells very standard baby powder to me?), an oud sample, and two EDT samples. I think I am now spoiled as I tried a Personna Lab included with the Marrakesh sample, and experienced shaving nirvana! the scent of the Marrakesh worked well with the oud sample, and is a scent I have not experienced before, but really enjoy. To me both smell somewhat like the incense used in the catholic church on special occasions. Any ways, I am excited to try everything else, but want to make sure to properly thank Trick. He is a scholar and a gentleman and generous to boot. Thanks! :thumbup:
Glad it's all working out well for you! I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the RazoRock tub I sent you. Lather wise it's top notch - I just thought the scent was too strong for me.

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