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Thank You Mother Russia

I have been compiling a pretty extensive Razor Review from a 25 blade sampler plus a few that I have ordered on my own. I have wanted to try Voskhod blades since I started DE shaving and today they finally came in. I did my normal routine to make sure that the comparison is as close as possible and WOW. By far the greatest shave I have had. I turned around and ordered 100 of them. I am actually not looking forward to finishing my sampler pack because these are so good.
Thank You Mother Russia ,Thank You!
Your review is music to my ears. I recently received some of these blades in a PIF. I haven't tried them yet but they will be next on deck when I change blades.
When I first started DE shaving, I got 50 Feathers and it took awhile to start working through those. I keep buying blades in bulk (IP Crystals, Personna Labs, etc etc), but I have yet to try a Voshkod, PolSilver, or any other Russkie brand. I happen to have a 5-pack of PolSilvers in my kit.

Maybe it's time; they sure get a lot of love on here.
Good on you for loading up Voskhods! Super smooth and super sharp blades. Unfortunately, my face just didn't play nice with them and I had to put them away.....:sad:
I'm with you, I've not tried Voskhod blades, but my mother in law from Minsk, Belaru(former USSR) sent me 100 Rapira Platinum Lux blades for Christmas! They are amazing! As sharp as an Astra or Feather but much much more smooth. I was also gifted some Tet-a-Tet shaving cream and ASB, both on par with other high end creams and balms. I was given some Everest shaving cream too, but I haven't tried it yet... I really need to buy some Voskhod blades to give them a try!
I plan on getting a couple hundred Voskhod on my next IB order. I tried the "From Russia with Love" sampler and was amazed at how smooth Rapira blades are. The Voskhod teflons are the best though. Smooth and sharp. Plus, the prices are very good.

Anybody have a good source for Rapira/Voskhod?
I have not used the Voshkod blades but have been using the Gillette Silve Blue blades recently.
They have worked really well on my tough beard without causing any irritation.

I don't know why everyone is always so shocked that the Russian made blades work well.
My first use of a Rapira Swede yesterday...although inside the wrapper was the same blade that comes in the Lada wrapper, labeled Lada Super Steel. Whatever it's called, I got an incredible shave with my Joris, and MWF.
And there goes another add to try sampler packs. Pretty soon the sampler pile will look like this. I forgot who I got this pic from here at B&B but I thought it was funny. Now I understand. :blush:$image.jpg


Needs milk and a bidet!
And there goes another add to try sampler packs. Pretty soon the sampler pile will look like this. I forgot who I got this pic from here at B&B but I thought it was funny. Now I understand. :blush:

Blade exchange pic showing what is available


Oh and Vosknod blades DO rock :001_smile

You're welcome!

I've got the best job :thumbup: and I wear a beard :lol:

Voskhods are indeed a great blade. One of my top 5.
I love Voskhods. Ialso tried a Sputnik today and . . . it might have been a little sharper but just as smooth? I did not, however, care for one of the Rapiras (I forget which one). Several other Rapiras to try . . .
I have had great luck with both the Voskhod's and the Rapira Swedish Supersteel's. It is a coin toss between them for me....

Great bang for the buck blades!


Here is a pic of my one & only 'go-to' blade and my Merkur 23C (on the left), and 38C (on the right);


In a nut shell, I found this (my one & only 'go-to'), blade to be 'awesome', moderately sharp (almost as sharp as a KAI, but much smoother & cheaper), forgiving and perfect with no pulling or tugging, very, very smooth, (albeit a 'weeper' now & then..but zero 'nicks'), no irritation and/or razor burn that 99.9% of the time results in CCS's in 3 passes (WTG, CTG & ATG), with 2 great shaves per blade (I shave every-other day with Saturdays as my shaving 'day off'),...and are very compatible with both of my Merkur 23C & 38C razors. :thumbsup:

Read More: http://badgerandblade.com/reviews/sh...product=211221

"Dа...бритва[лезвие] не может быть обострена на части бархата". Автор неизвестен (translation...“Yes...a razor [blade] can’t be sharpened on a piece of velvet”. Author Unknown[/QUOTE]
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