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Thank You Maggard Razor for your impressive customer satisfaction experience

Many thanks to Maggard Razor for their very impressive customer experience policy !!!

This is the story of my very positive experience with Maggard Razor :thumbup:

I bought two Simpson Brushes and two Maggard Handle before two months ago. When I received my order I notice that one of the handle is defected.


I kindly requested a replacement of the defected handle if their customer satisfaction policy allows it.

Brad from Maggard Razor reverted to my mail with a polite and constructive approach. They sent me a replacement Handle.


This is a very precious approach which built a very strong reputation and confidence !!! Many thanks again Maggard Razor :thumbup:
He can be a bit grouchy about having to eat the cost on some items that are known to have "loose" manufacturing tolerances to put it gently. That is an obvious defect and I am glad to see he took care of it, I wouldn't be able to stand that and it won't exactly "buff out" without a lathe. 😂

I placed an order last week on Thu, late too, and he shipped it right away. Not only that, but he upgraded it to Sat delivery because I selected FedEx express. It's that kind of thing that keeps me emptying my pockets regularly!
Good to hear about this and glad for you. Thanks for bringing it up.
I have bought from Maggard since 2019 and all 7 deliveries have been spot on even though I am from half the world away. With affordable and reasonably fast shipping, Maggard is my only US vendor...I am now waiting for the Black Friday deals...🤭
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