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Thank You—An Open And Heartfelt Letter to Our Members


Today was three weeks to the day that I watched my world, my very heart, slip the surly bonds of physical life. I wrote my post In Honor Of My Departed Love two days later while still raw and eviscerated. I never expected the deep outpouring of genuine support, sympathy, and pure generosity of humanity that I have experienced in the wake of her passing.

No surprise that Death does not discriminate. It is necessary for loss to occur in order for birth to renew: winter to spring, despair to hope, crumbling Time into Eternity. But Death’s most vile undertaking is its violent act of ripping the seams of love, spilling its contents into the gaping maw of Sorrow--this is what brings even the most stalwart of us to our literal knees.

One of the things I have found most striking about humanity is its unrelenting resiliency, its ability to somehow, someway scrape and claw a way back from the chasm’s edge. Part of that feat is accomplished by our shared experiences, by (in my case) your collective willingness to momentarily set aside our pursuit and enjoyment of all things shave related and expose the soul beneath. I struggle for the proper words to convey to each of you what your support and words of encouragement have meant to me.

I have had one member actually call and talk with me, even checked in on me to see how I was doing. Another messaged me on Valentine’s Day and offered to PIF me a tub of Soap Commander Love, knowing how I was feeling on such a day. You gentlemen know who you are, and I am touched beyond the mere paint of words by your extensions of grace.


I received the soap today along with three Personna blades and what I believe is a ‘matchbook’ of single-use Turkish styptic ‘matches’. I think Denise would have loved the soap scent. It smells exactly like rose! I will be using it tomorrow for sure—the soap that is, I hope I won’t need the styptic.

My heart still aches, of course. But it knows now what love truly is. It knows what the embrace of the Divine is like. It will struggle to shake off the shadow of Sorrow for quite some time, but thanks to the kindness and support of you all my heart has, with certainty, begun the very human process of healing.

From the deepest, warmest recesses of this man’s heart I extend my thanks to each of you, and especially to the admin team of B&B for their understanding and patience—and to all of you for showing a complete stranger your unvarnished compassion. I'm nowhere ne

Most Sincerely,


best wishes for healing. you gave your all and she would have wished only recovery and wellness for you and her family!
Styptic matches are great, haven't used one in forever. Great for those just-in-case moments though, sanitary and work very well. All the best, hope you feel better :001_rolle


I didnt know
Its always nice to know a shoulder is there for support when needed Jeff. I'm sure you'd do the same for any of us.
My deepest sympathies. Although I’m new to this forum the people here seem genuine and caring. It is truly a group of good people.

Hannah's Dad

I Can See Better Than Bigfoot.

My deepest sympathies to you. This is not just a forum of faceless people sharing their love of shaving. There is a group here that is a family. Your family cares for you.
Right on, David. Praying for you, Jeff.
My sincere condolences to you. I am impressed that you reached out at a time when it is so easy to withdraw.

I am also impressed (again) at how the members here have responded to you. This is a great forum and community. I hope it continues to be a source of comfort and support as you deal with this loss and try to move forward. Peace and strength to you.


I don't think it too much a presumption to say those of you who have read my posts know I'm not typically caught at a loss for words. But here, between the soul and soft machine, I sit struck with word paralysis, eyes blinking to contain the moisture; I am fully convinced that simple 'thank you's" are insufficient to express myself.

But I assure you gents, I am reading and feeling your support, your prayers, and your sympathy. I push myself to be in the land of the living, but I know I will, with time, once again feel alive.