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Thai Iced Coffee Using Cold Brew Coffee

Hey everyone,

I was killing time at a Thai restaurant a few weeks ago and on a whim tried Thai iced coffee. I was bracing myself to the sweetness that turned me off to Thai iced tea. I was pleasantly surprised that it was not too sweet and I quite enjoyed it. They brewed up the coffee ahead of time in bulk and then just mixed the ingredients when anyone ordered.

I was thinking of making some at home but all the recipes I have seen so far are for brewing the coffee right when you are making the Thai iced coffee for someone. I want a recipe (or know how to adapt a regular recipe) so I can make a batch of cold brew in my french press ahead of time and then mix the ingredients when ever I want to make a Thai iced coffee.

When I normally make cold brew, I brew up a strong concentrate that I leave in the refrigerator until needed. Then when I want to drink it, I cut it 50/50 with milk (or water). I am not sure how much concentrate to use to adapt the regular recipes and what to cut it with (or if I should cut it at all) so I don't mess up the Thai iced coffee flavor.

Any recommendations?

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🤔 Just experiment, IMO. I was making my cold brew just too strong and there is indeed a personal balance to be struck between strength and taste.

Wondering if Thai and Vietnamese coffees are similar?

I believe most of the time it is made from hot brewed coffee. I have seen a coffee sock used that probably held a darkly roasted coffee (likely robusta) and was possibly oversteeped and kept warm for some time after brewing. Then pouring over ice with lots of sweetened condensed milk added and sometimes other forms of milk and sugar if the customer wants it really sweet or more creamy (more milk to counterbalance the coffee). So I think it is similar to Vietnamese coffee, except that is it not made from a Phin dripper.

I think cold brew could be used and get something close as well. The key ingredient is having some sweetened condensed milk and possibly also include some evaporated milk or creamer or whole milk to counter balance the sweetness to your liking.
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