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Testing Edges Loser PIF


So Tanuki is doing some edge testing of user/ugly razors for me.

First round ended and one razor was a clear loser. It has been removed from the competition and will be PIF'ed to a random winner with a US shipping address who posts "I'm in" and their preferred finish for the razor if they win (list below) in this thread between now and 9/20.

Tanuki was even nice enough to tighten the scales for you.

See the ongoing thread here: Blind edge test! Ugly razors, fine finishes. - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/blind-edge-test-ugly-razors-fine-finishes.594143/

If you want in and have a US mailing address, you've got a little more than 3 days from now to post in this thread saying that you're in. I'll pick a winner at random on 9/20 and PM you for your address. Then I'll finish it as requested and mail it to you.

Sigma Power 13k
Coti Hybrid
Vintage Yellow Lake
Surgical Black Ark
Apache Strata
Panama Hone
Mystery grey vintage synth
Mystery red vintage synth
Mystery orange vintage synth
Mystery Green Nat
Mystery Grey Nat