Tennis anyone?

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse' started by Schnitzel52, Jan 28, 2019.

    Sorry for your loss, Ed. I hope all is well!

    Keep your chin up, and think of the good time for sure.
  1. Thanks!
    Hopefully this will be it for a while.
    Signing up for a league.
  2. No tennis today.
    Blizzards in Denver and throughout the Great Plains.
    Praying for the cattle as it is early in the calving season.
    Stay warm and safe everyone!
  3. Stay safe as well! And hopefully, time permitting, you're able to watch some tennis, perhaps Indian Wells, on TV.
  4. I have missed Indian Wells.
    I signed up for a 4.0 league today.
    I saw a book called String Theory.
    It is s collection of tennis stories by a sports writer. Looks like a good light read.
  5. Is it the book by David Foster Wallace? If yes, I have it, love it and do recommend it. Sadly, he's since passed away.
  6. Yes.
    I will pick it up on your recommendation.
    Yes. It is sad.
    I remember reading his stories.
  7. It's Federer vs. Nadal at Indian Wells.
    Another clash of the titans.
    Whos going to win?
    Does their style of play help your style of play?
  8. I was looking forward to the match. Unfortunate that Nadal had to withdraw. Will be interesting to see if Roger can take home tournament victory 101.
  9. Same. I had tickets to the match so big bummer. Will be watching on TV today and rooting for Roger in three sets though!
  10. Sorry to hear that James! That said, enjoy the match on TV today.
  11. I agree.
    I just got home from the Running of the Green 7K.
    Our son ran well and our grandson wants to run with Dad in next years race. Priceless!!

    Hope Roger beats Thiem.
  12. That was one competitive match, as was the women's finals as well.
  13. It was.
    It’s good to watch competitive tennis!
    Does this help your play?
  14. I am certain any tennis related activity, such as watching or reading about it, helps to improve my on court game. I try not to over analyze the specifics as to why, as for me personally when I walk on court I like my mind to be as free as possible. That said, I would guess that it helps turn on the tennis part of my brain, make it ultra-aware, thus allowing me to perform at a higher level than I might otherwise be able to.
  15. That makes sense.
    A relaxed clear mind is a necessity.

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