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Tendskin Review Discussion Thread....


Thank for taking the time to review Tendskin. I basically agree with your review, except a couple of your statements seem a bit "harsh":

"smells like cancer" - I know you were going for effect, but in reality, it just smells like the alcohol base mixed with a little nail polish remover. Nasty smell, but not cancer ...

"any high alchy splash will do just as good" -- just flat out not true. I've used alcohol-based aftershaves from 1963 until 4 years ago when I discovered Tendskin. Alcohol-based solutions never cured razor burn for me -- Tendskin ALWAYS cured razor burn. It burns for a few minutes, but not really as bad as the alcohol I've previously used. And the burn is COMPLETELY GONE after 15 minutes or so, even IF I HAVE MADE RAW HAMBURGER out of my face. Granted that this is not a desirable condition -- but it HAPPENS!

I've had lousy shaves for all the years I've mentioned, all with razor burn. This is the reason I grew a FULL BEARD and only shaved it off 5 years ago. I hated shaving for all the obvious reasons. I used Tendskin as MEDICINE to cure razor burn -- and it worked -- every time!

HOWEVER, now that I've gotten better at wetshaving, I've reduced the amount of Tendskin used, and also the frequency, as my shaving skills have gotten better. My goal is not to use it on a regular basis. I've moisturized right over the top of it, and that has worked very nicely.

So in short, I firmly believe that this is the BEST product available for razor burn, but a well-practiced wetshaver should not ever need to use it. Except for those times when ...l

I, for one, am still learning.

Thanks again for the review. PM me if you wish to part with your Tendskin bottle. :biggrin:
nice review.

using a MEGA dose of Alcohol and Glycerin to fight razor burn.

does this mean that i can mix some of my glycerin and rubbing alcohol to make an *** kickin' razor burn salve?
I was going to ask about this, and found this thread.

This is the most I have laughed in a long time. Hilarious review Joel.
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