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Temporary scuttle solution


First Class Citizen
As I await delivery of my Robert Becker scuttle, I have become obsessed with keeping my lather warm.

So I cooked up a temporary scuttle by placing my straight-sided, two cup lathering bowl (born a soup bowl) inside a three quart remekin-style roaster.

To solve the floating bowl problem, I stuck the soup bowl to the ramekin with a wad of duct seal. It is both an effective and easily removed temporary solution.

The whole thing fits in the microwave . . . comes to a boil in 2-3 minutes . . . and, while it has a fairly large footprint, it fits comfortably on a bathroom shelf. Potholders are a must.

Useful as it is, I cannot wait to take it apart permanently when my real scuttle arrives from Mr. Becker.

Until then, it will do nicely.
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