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Tell me about the Omega Barberpole Hi-Brush

Better than the Body Shop brush?

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I am finding I like synthetics, as I can get a rockin' lather from them the easiest..heck I can even use the dreaded Body Shop brush with ease! Would I like this one then? That barber pole is the best I've seen, and I REALLY like it..

Pros? Cons?
You can find that handle with a synthetic tuxedo knot. Better choice.

I bought a hi brush. Sold it on the bay a week later. Springy.

The opinions here are mine; some folks like em.
I have an Omega Hi but not in the barber pole. I find it to be comparable to most synthetic brushes. For me, it less floppy than a Plisson Cade brush.

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I have and really like this brush! It borders on too-stiffness, perhaps, but I do like and use it a lot. Shaved it yesterday, in fact. Some one with a deeper bowl would appreciate.

Don't have the Body Shop brush (luckily. got too many already!)

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I have the Omega Hi (Italian flag). I imagine it's pretty close to the barber pole. (That one is actually on a wish list of mine). I used to have a Body Shop synth too. The spine on that one was so stiff that it would splatter soap all over my bathroom. The Omega is sooooo soft, I almost can't tell that it's a synth. It is as bit stiffer than my AoS badger that I have, but it's nowhere near as stiff as the Body Shop one.

---edit--- sooo sorry. I just looked and my synth is actually a razor rock brand, not omega. It's real nice and cheaper than the omega and way softer than the body shop.

Take a look here
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Interesting divergence of opinions on this brush.
Agreed. One poster finds the S-Brush too floppy, and I find it not floppy at all, in fact, it's just too springy for me to enjoy.

I'm a big fan of stiff brushes that splay naturally, like the Proraso Pro, Omega 40033, and Semogue 620, but can't stand springy. I'm guessing the Hi-Brush is not for me.
It's fine for making and applying lather from a bowl, but is a little pokey on the ends of the bristles for face lathering. I've had mine since 2013. Looks cool, but not very ergonomic.
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