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Tell me about Pickleball


We got a pickleball set at the station where I work. I never ever thought I’d enjoy this game that I had only seen old ladies play at the park. But I actually look forward to it every shift. And because we’re all competitive meatheads at work, I need to get better!

I have never really played racket sports except for a short time trying tennis because I was dating a tennis player in my younger days. The game took too much finesse for me. I played football and baseball through school. So it was too difficult trying to control striking something.

So how do I get better at this game? I see a lot of stuffon YouTube but is there one particular channel that’s better for improving your game? Also, any paddle recommendations?
Funny (interesting) question to me, as I never heard of it until the folks at church introduced me to it. It involves a low net and seems to be a mix between tennis and ping pong. The folks who play have a great time.

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I have never heard of it out here in my part of Australia. I just googled and had a look on YouTube. I quite like the look of the game.


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I learned to play AT it years ago.

I HIGHLY recommend practice as the means to getting better.

It is definitely not for sissy old ladies. But them mean Granny types will cut out your liver and eat it in front of you for lunch!


PrimeTime Pickleball channel has been very useful. For better understanding the game and for technique advice.

it’s a pretty fun game. Very humbling for those who consider themselves athletic but have no racket experience.
There are instruction videos on YouTube. Watch them and practice. Pickleball is a finesse game with a lot of dinking of the ball. Once you master the dink shot into the kitchen up close to the net, you will be better than 75% of the people playing.
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