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I just received my Tedalus Essence Shavette. It's a real beauty. Great engineering and design. Really fits you hand for great control. The razor takes DE or SE blades that are held in place with magnets. It shaves more like a straight razor than a shavette. It's thinner than a shavette and lays flatter on your face for a more comfortable shave. I have all the Feather shavettes and this is like comparing a Ferrari to a VW.
there is now a rubber inlay for those that complained about the blade touching the back of the handle (never had a issue with it myself, btw there is now a Black Friday 20% off code BLACKFRIDAY20) Some pictures:

I won't use it as I like the look of the closed razor better without (certainly when the stand arrives shortly) but I've installed it so you can see
Easiest way is lay the razor in open position on it's back, push the rubber peace slightly in above the right position and then just close the razor (without a blade in it), that way the piece will automatically be pushed to the right place.

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