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Technivorm KBT-741

Here are a few pics of my new toy. On a different thread I posted some pictures of a Mexican single origin coffee I was roasting over the weekend. Figured that is a fine bean to use on the maiden voyage and I was not wrong. Since I just had a birthday, it was my excuse to get this.

The person that used to own the Coffee Connection (George Howell) here in the Northeast now has a new business Terroir Coffee, www.terriorcoffee.com , that I highly recommend to anyone interested in fine coffee and "the pursuit of the bean". This company happens to be located 2 towns over from where I work, so..........

To get back on track here, they had this model in stock so I was able to drive over, pick it up, jump into the cupping room, do some sampling and tour the facility. I was having alot of trouble locating this model anywhere after the holidays so this was pure bonus to find it so close.

Here it is:

I also use the Mochamaster IMHO it is plain and simple the best out there. Brews well over 180 everytime and a nice even soaking of the grounds. If you have not done it yet, let the basket fill up about 3/4 with water then open the value really takes the brew to another level. Enjoy you will lovw it:biggrin:



I also received this machine for a B-day present, I wish the water hopper would hold a cup or so more, the carafe is only 3/4 full with that amount.

DJ gave me the tip to give the grinds a stir about halfway thru the cycle.
Enjoy your new toy!:thumbup1:


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I would LOVE one of these, guys!

It's one of the only coffee toys I don't have - and I just haven't wanted to pony up the cash.

NICE machine! :thumbup1: