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Technivorm coffee maker Glass carafes

I have gotten a lot of good advice on many subjects on B/B, including coffee grinders and coffee presses., and of course shaving ( got my grandson(S) and son in law hooked on wet shaving with safety razors!)
Technivrom coffee makers are held in such high regard, I bought one and am using one with a glass carafe. Great for Guests, although I still prefer my press.
Appareently the Dutch know how to make a superior Coffee maker; coffee from my machine gets raves from guests.
Now, if those Technivorm people only knew how to temper glass. The glass carafe on my machine, is so stressed that it shattered at a slight " bumping . I have to handle the damn replacement carafe as if it were an egg shell inside the Holy Grail. Anyone have the same problem? Suggestions as to an after market substitute.? Or any substitute?
Also ,am dealing with Sweet Marias, and am very pleased with them in every aspect! . More later on my latest obsession ,a coffee Roaster .
Thanks connman- Art Cummings