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Tech convert!

So yesterday afternoon I received a gold ball end tech that I bought on ebay and it is in stellar condition. I cleaned it up and this morning I gave it a whirl. I had previously only used a parker 99r and a weishi dorco razor. Both are tto razors, so the tech was my first experience with a 3 piece. I put in a derby 7am plus blade and used some preshave oil and maggards London barbershop soap on an omega boar brush. The tech was AMAZING. I now completely understand what the hype over gillette vintage razors is all about! 2 pass dfs with no irritation whatsoever. Finished with some clubman and BAM I'm looking and feeling great!
For some reason a british fat handle tech didn't work for me. I really expected great things but had to sell it eventually.
The tech just doesn't work for me, doesn't shave well, takes too long going over and over to get a decent shave, no joy. :mad3:
I have five vintage Techs and have only use one of them, a cased 40's Gold Tech, once. I can't really comment firsthand about how they shave. It will probably be sometime in October before I get around to using any of them.
I started with a Tech. For years I've tried to get away from them because people told me they were "beginner" razors. I've used many razors- and I keep going back to my Tech: Fat Handled, to be exact.

Truth is, I can get a closer shave with my Tech than I can with the most aggressive razors I've tried- with zero blood and discomfort. If you "can't" get a good shave from a Tech, you need to learn how to handle the Tech. Use it for a couple of weeks. I'd bet money it'll make a convert out of you. ;)
I shaved with a travel tech head and 7 times used derby blade on a merkur bakelite handle this morning, still feeling nice and close. Just a great shaver.
You did an ATG pass as part of your routine & still couldn't get a decent shave with a Tech?

Yes! Took several passes. I even shimmed it in an effort to make it more aggressive, but it just didn't work for me. And there wasn't any feedback, I found it to be thoroughly unenjoyable.
A couple months into switching from electric to DE shaving, I picked up a lot of razors that included a pre-war Tech. After giving it a good try, I gave up on it as I couldn't get a close shave despite multiple passes. A year or so later, I traveled out of the country and pulled the Tech from the drawer where it lay abandoned. I took the Tech, figuring if it was lost on the trip, I wasn't out much. The shaves on the trip were a revelation. I found the Tech was now giving the most comfortable, closest shaves I'd ever had. I was stunned at how much the year of sitting in a drawer had improved the quality of the razor.

It it was clear to me that the previous troubles I'd had with the Tech were due to not using it with the ideal blade angle. Like most "mild" razors, the Tech was less forgiving of the wrong blade angle than more aggressive razors with larger blade gaps. However, as my technique improved over that intervening year, I was rewarded with a truly exceptional shave. Over the five years since then, I've added quite a few razors, but the only razor I have multiples of is the Tech. If I were forced to use only one razor forever, it would either be my Fat Handled Tech or a Weber Bulldog ARC.
I also love my Tech (pre-war)!! It's definitely in my top three, possibly top two. The Tech is the only razor I own that has NEVER given me a bad shave.
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