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Teaching father to shave part 2

Yesterday, my father was spectator to my straight shave. He has expressed an interest to traditional wet shaving after 30 years of electric shaving. I thought I would break him in gently by teaching him DE shaving so that he could learn about blade angle and lathering at ease, but now he seems to favor learning straight shaving instead because he does not want to waste time. After all he is over 70 years of age.

So my question is, should I persevere with teaching him DE shaving or can you go from an electric shaver straight to straight razor shaving with reasonable chances of success?
I have only tried a str8 once so can't say much. I'm sure that with 1 to 1 training from you he will be just fine. I think it's such a different experiance you can just jump str8 in with your help. :001_smile
Interesting story!!

I can't see why not. There used to be a time where DE didn't exist... If he's willing to put the time/effort into it, then yes. Having a teacher 1 on 1 is also boosting the chances!
You know there's a steep learning curve but if he doesn't lose interest that's the least to be concerned of.
Go to the straights. If you start him with DE he'll get really good shaves within a reasonable time. That sets the bar. When he starts on straights there may be a slight backward step initially and he'll be shooting below the bar which may be discouraging. Get him a couple of straights and ask him if he remembers his dad or possibly grandfather using one. It could just remind him of times when he was a young fella.

Don't forgot to post on here how you both progress
Go straight to the straights.

Learning thru reading is a big help. But, if I had had someone looking over my shoulder, learning straight razor shaving would have been significantly easier.
Thank you so much for the response, your advice sounds reasonable. I will give it a shot and see how it goes.
what a great thing to do with your father Gustav, I say why not, imagine having some one right there to guide you and answer your questions when you start. it seems that most of us did all right on our own and that in no way diminishes the great resource we have here but what i would have given to have a private tutor. have fun and let us know how it all goes.

I agree, go with straights. I feel the biggest learning curve with SR shaving is learning to keep the razor straight - stropping and honing. If you can help him with that, he should be able to pick up the shaving part.
I just have to say this is probably the most interesting thread I've ever seen on B&B. I think when I visit my parents I'll have to start bring straights with me!
This morning my father and I had a 1 on 1 shaving session and to my delight it was successful. My father shaved WTG on both cheeks using both hands with slight but evident stubble removal and no cuts. He was satisfied with this first attempt. I was impressed by his attitude and the way he went at the challenge boldly, with little hesitation although it was quite evident that a certain degree of nervosity, on his behalf, was present. There are issues to contend with: first and foremost, my father wears glasses but luckily there was a thread discussing this issue on the forum which gave us some pointers. Secondly, lathering or more specifically getting the correct water/soap ratio and thirdly the usual angle and pressure issues. I am confident that I can point him in the right direction.

Very nicely done, Eric! Glad to hear that you both have great attitudes about the journey. Looks like you have a well motivated student on your hands. Kudos to you and your father! :thumbup:
A few days ago my father shaved his side burns and cheeks with success and no nicks and cuts. Since then, for various reasons, we have not had the pleasure of this father and son 1:1 shaving tutorial routine and sadly my visit at my parents is over. He did however express an interest to continue learning so I left him a few useful bits and bobs including my only strop. Until I can get hold of another I will have to make due with a "severely vintage" paddle strop, a stack of newspapers, a telephone catalogue, my seamless leather belt, jeans or any combination of the above.
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