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Tea newbie looking for recommendations...

The Rare Tea Company is a vendor out of England who has a very personal approach to your relationship to the teas they/She offers. If you want a product reference that can become a direct dialog, you might consider looking them up.

I too am a novice. Its still a challenge knowing what the parameters of evaluation are beyond the I like this, I wonder about that, and I haven't tried half a percent of what's out there! I will say, loose tea is where the game's afoot!
When it comes to your own joy, that's the only thing that counts.
Well, I know heavy black teas are a challenge to my approach. While I'd like to meet them on their own, I do find the dash of milk or cream can sometimes get me past too long a steep and the tannins.
Green teas, some of those I've been exposed to, are more grassy and yet approachable.
Whites are ...etheric and often don't really show themselves until the waters quite cool and there is no heat to bury that essence.

One I just tried today blew me away, a white 'triple infused' with Jasmine from Rare Tea. The open, literally opening the foil pouch, was just a huge clean breath of Jasmine blossoms. It's actually one of the few fragrances since starting with colognes and ETs, EdPs that have bashed my sinuses; bordering the knifes' edge between ecstasy and agony.

The one thing I take away from this tea is, where ever those Jasmine grow has got to be a place of heaven on Earth.
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I would say start with good filtered water or preferably spring water. You might enjoy chai as well since some blends are made using Assam the mug filter sounds like a good start.
i am all over the place with tea. i do not like staight up green teas, it has to be a blend with something else. Black teas i like blends but straight varaietals are good too. probably my go to single black is a vietnam black. I mostly drink american breakfast and English breakfast mood dependent.

This is my ready supply, everything from a green tea/lemongrass, to vietnam black, to the valentine, a black tea with flavors of chocolate and cherries I pick up local tea froma shop in St Augustine, everything else I order from Simpson and Vail. SVTea.com

also, I use one of these: a very fine screen water and tea in the top the bottom is a valve, so you set it on your mug and it drains through. a bleach solution will get residue out very quickly (like 30 minutes)
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