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    Any tips on bringing loose tea with you on camping trip with a pull behind..I was thanking black tea as its easy to brew and don’t have bring creamer..If I do will use mini-moos as they don’t take up cooler space..
  1. I bring Tazo Black Chai Tea or English breakfast tea bags with dried milk and sugar, all in three separate zip locks, into one zip lock. Been doing this for many years, add in a Jetboil and cannister gas inside, for backpacking and climbing high peaks. This is ALWAYS in my survival bag in my pack, especially for winter climbs. I don't mess with loose teas! I was given a backpacking french press and only take if car camping. Redbird beans coarse grounded in a separate zip lock.
  2. I find Twinnings Earl Grey tea bags drinkable, but I usually take some good loose tea and a few Rishi or Finum disposable loose leaf tea bags. The washable net teabags may be more eco-friendly but they're messy to clean up when camping.

    Just bear in mind, even a pinch of horse manure tastes divine in a Sierra cup at daybreak beside a whitewater river in the Rockies.
  3. I sometimes use tea bags that you can fill with whatever loose tea you like. I get them at Daiso. A 100 pack is $1.50. Other Japanese stores sell the same pack for $4.
  4. I take a small gaiwan or a sturdy little yixing, some loose tea and a cup or two.
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    You could travel with a bombilla and do away with tea bags, strainer ball, or special brewing apparatus.
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    A fist full of black tea, boiled in a billy can over the fire. Spin the can over your head to make the tea leaves sink to the bottom and pour.
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    That is how it is done. :thumbup:
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    Teavana thanks you for taking their products with you on your last hiking trip to the Rockies.

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