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Taylor's Eton College

I received my order of Taylor's Eton College from Charles yesterday and just finished up my first shave with it.

Very nice shave cream. Like all of the T&H, Trumpers, and Taylors I have tried the cream exploded with a few swirls of the brush. It applied nicely though lacked a little lubrication, which I believe may be due to my adding a little too much water in the mixture. The shave was very pleasant without any irritation or nicks. I always complete two passes (with my DE on '9') and there was plenty of cream for double that if necessary.

Now for the scent. When I first opened the jar I thought it was quite nice. Very clean and somewhat familiar though I could not place it. While I was in the middle of my shave it came to me... Irish Spring! Now it may be just me, and it has been a long time since I have used Irish Spring, but it does remind me of it (though with a little more emphasis on the citrus note and certainly more complex). Am I out in space on that one?

Anyway, I think it is another great cream from Taylors. Definitely worth a spin.
Sorry, it's BLUE! Irish Spring is GREEN. :smile:


It's really wonder stuff...
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Ron, my only feeling of disappointment with this cream had nothing to do with the cream itself, but with the bland off-white/pale yellow Taylor's jar! I was really looking forward to adding that blue jar to my collection! Why did they switch?! :smile:
Greetings Water,
I was unaware that they had.. I'll have to save this one and refill at that rate. It really is a handsome ensemble.
Just used Eton College today, one of my favorite scents when I'm using a cream. Got mine a couple of months ago from Phil and my tub is the blue.

I can see where you would be disappointed by the color though, sorry to hear about it water.
I loved the scent also but something in it just didn't agree with my skin, glad to hear i'm not the only one who liked it.
I just got a tub of Eton College delivered today from connaught along with one of the new omega hibrush synthetics, the tub i received was blue. I dont know if that means its maybe from an old stock or some such.
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