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Taylor of Old Bond hair products

Evening gents. With the recent posts about the classic old Brylcreem(bummer that I don't care for it), I thought I'd ask about Taylor of Old Bond Street's hair care and styling produccts. First up let me say that I'm sure there has a been a smattering of posts about their hair tonics and shampoos so let apologise for being too lazy to look for them.

Okay, down to brass tacks. I use and LOVE the Pashana and Pinaud hair tonics in their greaseless incarnations. They smell great, don't weight your hair down by have zero hold. I have never used the tonics with oil other than Pashana's Blue Orchid Brilliantine(Thanks Richard ne Coche y Bondu). I am mesmerized by Blue Orchid's scent but the oil was just a bit much for my blonde hair. I must be careful with this light coloured hair. Many times products that contain mineral oil will make it look like a grease slick. That's not what I want other than every so often just for the heck of it. I've also used some Pomades like Murray's super light and Sportin Waves. I like the scents and believe it or not, the beeswax is not as heavy feeling to me as the mineral oil products. Again, remember that I use a tiny amount to avoid the wet look most times.
IF you've used Taylor's No. 74 or No. 74 Victorian Lime hair tonics either with or without oil, please give me your experiecnes. I don't know if they make it in the Victorian Lime but Classicshaving lists in the regular No. 74 scent.

Taylors hair wax is another I've seen but know nothing about.

Taylor shampoos also look interesting.

How about places to buy this stuff? I know classic shaving has a lot of it at great prices but if there is some place I'm overlooking, let me in on it.

Regards, Todd
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