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Taylor "Hawthorn & Aloe" Hand Cream

No pics, sorry. Didn't think ahead.

I added a tube of this (3.4 oz) when I ordered some Taylor shaving cream. Anyone used it? It was about 1/10th the size and twice the price of your average walgreens lotion (about $15 for the 3.4 oz). Not too bad compared to the stuff at a local bath / body shop or spa.

I have fairly dry hands and have always been trying to find better lotion. One thing it has going for it is that you need less than half the cream to get the same coverage of the walgreens types. Unlike cheap lotions, my hands didn't feel slippery afterwards, they felt somewhere between waxy and normal. When I applied the lotion, it seemed like it did nothing at first because all the dry areas were still white. After looking closer, though, I noticed that the lotion had filled the white dry areas. After several minutes, the skin looked "moisturized" fully.

It smells similar to unscented lotion but a little fresher. It seems to have some sort of added fragrance, if that matters to anyone. But it is barely noticeable to me. Ingredients seem about the same as shaving cream. stearic acid, glycerin, etc.
If you have super dry hands (I have the same problem here in the cold, dry NE), it is hard to beat the L'Occitane shea butter creams, with shea percentages up to 25%. Super thick and moisturizing. the Nancy Boy hand cream is also superb, and absorbs much faster.
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