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Tatara or Karve?

Juno I kept going back to the Blackland website. I just ordered a machined Sabre SE/GEM. It's a good thing the black oxide Blackbird is OOS. Problem is I like the look of the Blackbird machined and polished too, and both Dart's. This is not good at all.
I ordered both plates since I've no idea which one will "fit me best". What I mean is by "this is not good at all" is I think I'm going to be spending more money soon.
I really really like the Charcoal Goods level 2. I can swing getting one more razor. A Karve with 3.25 handle and b c d OC plates or a Tatara. Not sure which one though from Tatara. Leaning toward Karve because I don't care much for long handles. But if I like the CG goods flevel 2 for every other day use, which Tatara would be the best one? I only shave every other day. If I have to shave the next day I will use a tech or red tip in between.
I just don't know much about Tatara razors and which one I should get. Or jus screw it and order a Tradere. 😆 Long handle but....wow! What a gorgeous handle.
I Prefer Karve Handle is perfect and balance also choices of different plates..of all razors I got I prefer Karve and have Collection just waiting on Titanuim & Aluminum and I'm set...

Tatara is nice and all but hey we have different tastes and choices..

Alan H
Could someone please compare the efficiency and smoothness of Karve C and D plates (SB) wtih those of Tatara Nodachi? I guess I'm comparing apple with apple of the two brands, so to speak. Which brand would you prefer?

Also, I've heard people complaining about the long, heavy weight of Tatara Nodachi, does that affect the quality of shave with Tatara if you're forced to have that long handle? Thanks
I can only advise on the handles. Not tried Karve C and D. There was a mix up in my order so I managed to test the Nodachi handle a couple of times before getting a replacement Masamune one. I prefer lighter handles (and already owned the full Masamune) but can’t say the heavier one had a negative impact on the shave. Go for if you like a heavier handle. Grip was fine by the way. Masamune proved to make for a more nimble razor.
.... can’t say the heavier one had a negative impact on the shave. Go for if you like a heavier handle. Grip was fine by the way... .
Thanks @Fedsbackhand, I spent hours and hours here and the other forum last night reading through reviews on Nodarchi and its long handle which people sounded like having issues with. At this point I'm in a situation where I can only get the Nodachi with its long handle if I want to go with Tatara. I'm not prepared to order direct from Portugal for a custom razors with Nodachi head and Masamune handle because of limited budget. I personally like the looks of the longer, heavier handle a bit better. The gist of the problem, it sounded to me, was the maneuverability and agility of the longer handle. Several reviewers said the Masamune was a lot easier to move and manouver with.

Or ultimately, I'll have to wait for Tatara to have a sale / discount to be able to directly order the Nodachi head with Masamune handle from them. A BST ad might help to get a second hand one.

I really appreciate your feedback!
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