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TAOS New Bergamot & Neroli Collection

I received an email form The Art of Shaving regarding their new Bergamot & Neroli Collection. I'm interested in possibly trying the Bergamot shaving cream.

Has anyone tried this and can you describe the scent?
I actually just popped in today to see if I could find a complementary alcohol-based aftershave for this one; I bought a tube, ordered a tub when the tube was getting low, and am a few days into the tub. Performance is top-notch. It feels luxurious on the face.

The scent sort of reminds me of the old Petal Pushers Fancies "Black Tea" scent without the camphor note. (I was allergic to that one but fortunately am not allergic to the AoS Bergamot and Neroli.) I would describe it as "old school but not aggressively so." It's kind of citrusy sour-tart. Maybe lime-grapefruity. In fact, now that I went to smell it so I could describe it, it's a bit like Adidas Dynamic Pulse aftershave--which is probably the complementary aftershave I was looking for in the first place! The scent is medium-strong while you're shaving with it but it doesn't stick around on the face afterward, which for me is ideal.

Currently it's my favorite shaving software. For reference previous favorites have included Haslinger soaps (used 'em for a year straight), St. James of London lavender & geranium cream (which got a bit cloying after three tubs), and Arlington cream (three tubes in a row).
AOS shops usually have testers and will let you take a small scoop home in your own baggie.

Good to know.::) Thank you.:)

Unfortunately, the local TAOS store closed in my area. Hopefully, they'll open again in the greater Cleveland area.:)

Two stores in Columbus. 2 1/2 hour drive.:) I'll have to drop in during my next visit to my Alma Mater.:)
My girlfriend bought me a tub about 2 months back, I absolutely love this scent. I think the description of sour-tart is perfect for this, with a tad bit of floral in the background, very fresh and pleasant, strength is about a 5-6/10.
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