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Taming the beast


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Also remember, you can creep the line up a tiny bit at a time, so start way lower than you think you need to. If you start too high, you are either going to look silly, or you are back to the start of shaving it all to that length and growing it again.
I shave my neckline directly above the Adam's Apple, this gives enough beard exposure while maintaining a clean appearance.
Thanks for the link, very useful. I had used the 2 finger method when I trimmed it the first time. I may need to re-visit my neckline lol.
Great info. This is a mistake I see a lot. Sometimes to high of a neck line can look wore than a beard that starts at the chest. I wish I would have had this info 18 years ago I figured out where to put it by trial and error. This would have saved several beards that were made into goatees in my 20s.
Yes, you see alot of guys cutting it along the jawline thinking it will enhance the square jaw look or something. But it actually ends up looking rather weird.
Just grow your beard long enough to cover your neck, and you've got no worries! I stopped trying to trim my neckline about a month ago. Nobody can see it anymore, anyhow...:001_smile

In general, a good guideline is 1 or 2 fingers above the adam's apple, depending on where your natural neckline and adam's apple actually fall...
Another tool for taming the beast:

Boar hair brush.

I picked up a cheapie at the drugstore the other day. $6 100% boar brush. You can buy an "official" Beard Brush for $15-20, but I'm cheap like that.

I feel the boar brush tames the hedge much better than a comb does. The comb gets rid of tangles, but doesn't really seem to mange much more than that.

The brush, on the other hand, pimp slaps those whiskers into some semblance of order, as well as detangling, and getting rid of muffin crumbs...

I recommend a brush for your beard.
And good point on the cheap version. I almost caved and got a Kent boar brush, then came to my senses and got one from the drugstore instead. It probably works just as well, but we all know the Kent will find its way to my bathroom counter eventually. :)
I got the drug store cheapie, which had a handle. I chopped off the handle, and now have a "fancy" beard brush.
I ordered a cheapo boar brush off Amazon UK. It should be waiting when I arrive there tomorrow along with all the other online shopping I sent to my mum and dad's house!
I like it. Seems much more effective than the comb I was using. Really gets into the beard hair!
And it whips those bad boys into shape, too! A good boar's brush will train your beard hair to lie a certain way, and helps to minimize fly-aways and unrulys...
I'm assuming that apart from the moustache, which I sweep to the sides away from the philtrum, that the rest of the beard would just be brushed downwards?
I'm assuming that apart from the moustache, which I sweep to the sides away from the philtrum, that the rest of the beard would just be brushed downwards?
If you are just trying to keep it neat and tidy, then just down works great. But if you really want to make it look bigger then you can comb back up and out. You can also comb the underside forward and out to form a ridge almost like a fake jaw line. If you look at some of your better Santas you will know what I mean. Of coarse you need a fairly long beard before you can really notice a difference.