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Talk me out of spending $200+ on shaving stuff

my resolve is failing.
I have not spent much on shaving supplies in the last years. Not since my initial shopping spree, that left me with so many products that creams hardened in their tubes, because I could not use it all up as quickly as necessary. This period correlates with the time I was absent from this forum...
Since I returned a couple of months ago, I have bought several new razors, 100's of blades and a new cream. This, in spite of already having enough. However, my old supplies *are* dwindling. I was down to Palmolive cream and sticks and a Lea Sensitive tube. Due to new stimuli from this beloved forum I made some changes that have allowed me to gain a daily DFS/near-BBS with three-pass full face shaves, the best shaves of my life.
So, I wouldn't be opposed to improving my shaves even more, for example with appropriate soaps, creams and aftershaves. I also lack a synthetic brush.
And there is a sale in a local shop. So the stuff I put in my cart are about $250... which is a lot of money. I know it will last me a couple of years, but I don't really *NEED* it, I could continue shaving with what I've already got for the next couple of years as well.
How can I convince myself that even if missing out on the deals, even if stuff in my cart becomes discontinued, I shouldn't spend so much on products I have already enough of?


The thing I really liked most about your post was that, because of B&B Forums, you made changes that have improved your shave greatly. This in and of itself should make you realize that it's not all about product. Product can help, but it doesn't always help. For we who see wet shaving as a hobby and get some enjoyment from it, we generally tend to feel good when we're investing in it. There's nothing wrong with that, but, as you pointed out, so often, it's just not necessary. The end result you've achieved, the improvement in your daily shaves, is the real treasure.

Sign up for the annual shave sabbatical, Shave Trek. If you have everything you need for the next year, then try not to get anything else.

Up to you if you want to purchase or not...only you can know if something is really needed or would make an improvement. But just know that most things don't make an improvement in the quality of the shave, especially not soaps, creams and aftershaves. Hardware can sometimes make an improvement, but not always.

Happy Shaves!
As suggested by @JCarr you can join an yearly or monthly GRUME.
This will help you " postpone " your purchase a few weeks at a time.

My experience not five minutes ago -
I was browsing a website I shouldn't be (wet Shaving products) anywhere and there was a badger brush at jaw dropping discount and automatically it went into my basket, then a stand for the lovely brush, then some hard soaps because why not and then ......

You get the drift, I painfully emptied out the basket and closed the tab because I'm the GRUMES and I'd like to keep my sanity for as long as possible also.

I like to meet and greet my fellow ' Red Shirts ' and those discounted badger brush and lovely soaps aren't worth leaving the company of many fine fellow travellers.

Join a GRUME, one month at a time, especially if you really don't ' need ' any more stuff.

Stay strong, brother.

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
If I needed soap and I had a strict $200 budget I'd buy a new Simpsons or Paladin brush for $185 and then a dozen sticks of Arko or 12 pucks of Williams for $15, but that's just me. Brushes don't get washed down the drain.

Personally I have found the monthly restraints here to be very helpful in terms of getting spending under control. Highly recommended!
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Sounds like you have your technique down. You really only need consumables (blades, soaps, etc). With the soap, cream, etc I would just replace a small rotation as needed and not stockpile. For a synth brush, Yaqi makes a good one and it’s inexpensive.


The closest thing to ‘support’ groups we have here are the monthly restraints or the yearly sabbatical.

I have done some of each. Even if you fail (and I have both succeeded and failed) the restraint or sabbatical gives you an opportunity to use and ENJOY your stash!! :a29: :a29: :a29:
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I made some changes that have allowed me to gain a daily DFS/near-BBS with three-pass full face shaves, the best shaves of my life.
Simple question: if you're getting the best shaves of your life right now, will said products improve your experience by at least $250? It's the law of diminishing returns, I dare say not only might you anguish over $250 spent, you may actually be disappointed with the lack of improved results.
Try to avoid going on buying sprees. Convert instead to a buy-to-replace strategy. Use something up before you buy something new. When something runs low, replace it with something different you want to try. You don't have to stockpile.

Hard soaps last a lot longer than creams or soft soaps since they are milled and compressed to get rid of excess water and air. That makes hard soaps generally more economical to use, on a per shaving session basis. Hard soaps can give a nicer shave result, too, once you learn how to use them.

It's OK to give yourself a little something on a special occasion, like a birthday or Christmas. Let's say you want to try a synthetic brush. Those aren't very expensive. Give yourself one. One of those is all you really need, maybe two. You don't need a gigantic collection.
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I've read through your post a couple of times and there's a lot to unpack. There's also a lot of good advice in the replies before mine. You stated you recently bought several new razors and 100's of blades, so you're good there. You also stated you're able to achieve daily DFS/near-BBS shaves, so you're good there. You may not need to buy more soaps and creams to improve your shave (BBS?) results; you may be able to do it with the razors, blades, soaps and creams you already have. Be patient. You can still add a synthetic brush to your collection if you want to add something new and still be well under your budget.

If you really want new soaps and creams, I would suggest buying samples instead of full-size tubes or pucks. It could take three months or more to use all of each new puck, tub, or tube. The samples will provide the variety you crave and possibly find a product you really like without stockpiling a bunch of stuff you'll never get around to using.

An elephant for $10 is only a good deal if 1) you have $10 to spare, and 2) you need an elephant.

The February GRUME starts in a couple of weeks; you may find support and like-minded individuals to help you through this. Good luck.
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I agree, I thought I had a problem. My wife told me I had a problem. So I joined a sabbatical. Now I empty several hundreds of dollars of product out of carts every week. There have been items that I don't need that have tempted me, but I fought off the temptation. Well, at least two weeks of it.

If you have enough and are happy with what you have empty the cart. Otherwise, it is your money and you should spend it to make yourself happy.
Not sure exactly what you're looking at buying so it's hard to tell. $250 is a lot unless you're talking about a high end badger brush or a high end razor. It should go a long way with soap, aftershave and a synthetic brush. Most of what I buy is online and I'm very selective. I don't know what store you're going to or how their prices are.

Maybe pick up a nicer soap, aftershave and a synthetic brush (total should be well under $100) and see what you think. If you want advice on the soap and aftershave just send me a PM as I'd be happy to help you out. The brush I own mostly higher end badger brushes but I do own one synthetic brush that I'm happy with. Got it for the occasional shower shave as no drying or soaking issues with synthetic.
Ask the same question in a personal finance form :)

But, a few things that always stops me from buying more shaving gear:

- Diminishing returns
- You're clogging up your physical space
- You're clogging up your mental space. Ever walk into the bathroom stuck in decision paralysis? Which soap to use? Which razor to use? Which brush to use? Spend less time THINKING about shave vs. spend more time shaving.
- With every new addition to your den, you are using something else less.


Simple question: if you're getting the best shaves of your life right now, will said products improve your experience by at least $250? It's the law of diminishing returns, I dare say not only might you anguish over $250 spent, you may actually be disappointed with the lack of improved results.
This, right here! And everyone gets to this point. When your shaves are consistently very good or better, you have to start asking yourself, "Do I really think this item will improve my already good shaving experience." Admittedly...I have now reached that point.
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