Talk me off the ledge (first lathe)...

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    Thanks @CigarSmoka I will have to pick up a set of those. They look like an upgrade to using the dead center and live center directly on the bushings.
  1. You’re welcome. It’s a personal preference but I think you’ll see the advantage of using the adaptors.
  2. Ice-Man

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    Thanks CigarSmoka

    I'm on the hunt for some the buffers came yesterday, but as for the adaptors I need to dig a bit deeper over here I can find loads State side without a problem. it's as though we are way way behind the rest of the world but saying that they could be called something else.....
  3. @Ice-Man - Worst case scenario I could always order a pair with my next order and send them to you. Unfortunately I just got enough supplies in to last me a good while, and I have several kits as well, some have been in my work bench for a few years now. To make matters worse I like to buy as much as I can from a vendor that doesn’t stock them because he’s an active part of the community, posting videos and regularly taking part in the posts at IAP. If you want to make nice pens I highly recommend joining the IAP forum, the guys there really helped me step up my game and some are amazing penturners, especially the custom/kitless guys. It’s free and everything you need to know is there, along with several people willing to help you along the way. Anyhow if you haven’t found any sometime down the road let me know.
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    Thank you Sir!!! But I might find them as over here that name is a bearing race, but I will keep digging something will turn up.
  5. They also call bushings bushes, so maybe pen bushes adaptors? I checked but they don’t carry them. They do carry some very nice pen kits though...
  6. @GAW9576 - I tried that TBC mandrel setup from PSI and it was a bad experience. For starters, the 2 parts were not only rusted when I took them out of the bag of packing grease but they weren’t terribly accurate either. There was a heavy vibration on the tailstock one. To make matters worse, the live center heated up and quickly became VERY hot. I’m sure it’s a cheap single race bearing that’s not going to last. I got an RA number and returned it but my debit card was never credited... I’ve haven’t bought from PSI since.
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    Yep I live in the UK and they could be called something else but we will get there
  8. Wow. Sorry to hear that.
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    An update I tried turning a pen but taking the chuck off the spindle lock cover plate bust on me so I went on to jets website and I fond the part but it was dealt with ereplacement parts went it arrived only to find they send the wrong part this is the part I was after

    image 2.jpg Image 1.jpg

    only they sent this part

    image 3 .jpg

    now after a few emails trying to explain the problem, they kept saying it was the right part until I posted the part they sent and my bit on top.


    I said not being funny but this aint going to fit, now I dont know what lathe this is from but it aint from my one. So I got a mail of Friday night saying my order is on its way, so this is another 2 to 3 weeks wait but will give me time to strip the headstock down ready to fit it....
  10. Wow, that should have NEVER happened. My guess is faulty manufacturing so it was just waiting to go. Sorry about your troubles but at least Jet is replacing it. Surprising that it is taking a couple weeks but they must have to get spare parts like that dorect from China rayhernthan keeping them in stock.

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