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talk about right place, right time..

i just won this one on the bay....http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140333110402...do anyone know if it's a good find?

It's a great razor, in great condition.

Gillette NEW long comb, in excellent shape. My second favorite DE razor, I have three of them and one short-comb.
The price is about right, maybe a bit low for one in that shape. With box and all, you did well. Not a steal, but worth a gloat.

And you'll love the razor.
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i think its bostonian or somerset

The OP's is a Bostonian.
Yours may or may not have a variant name (I don't know), but it is a long-comb NEW.

Mr. Razor just lists yours as a "Red&Black"

In the NEW with common bar handle (like yours) the only difference between the named variants is the box. Your box is not the Somerset nor the Bostonian.
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i see it listed as the red and black..whats that mean?

Again, the difference between these models is just the box, blade safe, and what other accouterments come with the razor.

The Red & Black is that box, with the stuff you got. The Bostonian has a Bostonian box and different accessories.

The Somerset has a different box yet.

To complicate things, some names were used for a box set of Old type razor, the re-used for a NEW, then a New Improved-type.

You have a NEW-type, long-comb razor in a Red & Black set configuration.

OP: Sorry for the extended thread hijack.
Great score on the Bostonian. <redacted>
Can we have the flippin thread back now?

Dave, that New Standard Bostonian is a beauty. I trust when you paypalled the seller you threw in an extra $15 bucks. I thought stealing was illegal in N.J.?
I saw that one, but alas, my razor buying is at a temporary halt....and I was itching to bid on it.:rolleyes:

Congrats! Nice to see it wound up here, and that two B&B members didn't jack the price up on each other!:w00t:
i see it listed as the red and black..whats that mean?

The Red and Black Package was advertised being fitted with a gold-plated Gillette razor and five Gillette Blades in a sturdy traveling case. The common bar NEW was just one of many NEW variants which were included in this economy set. Gold-plated Techs were even used in the later years of this popular bargain offering. They were sold for less than one dollar even in combination with ten extra blades on some occasions.
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Zing! Thats a score.

Be sure to tell us how she shaves. With lots of pictures :yesnod:
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