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Taking recommendations for my next brush

I’m looking for recommendations for my next brush. I have a silvertip brush with a metal handle that I purchased close to 15 years ago as part of a set with a merkur 34c. It was from Fendrihan if I remember correctly. Great brush, it has held up very well with regular use and no special care besides cleaning it from time to time. Still works perfectly.
I am making some new additions to my den for the first time since I started DE shaving. It seems that synthetic brushes have come a very long way since I was last in the market. Should I consider these or will I be disappointed coming from badger? I’ve been considering a Simpson Trafalgar T3, the Muhle synthetic brushes also look very nice. Fendrihan has on sale right now “high mountain white badger” brush for $64 CAD which seems like a great value, no more expensive then premium synthetic brushes.
What would be your choice if you had a budget of about $100 to spend on a new brush? Looking for something with great performance and durability to use as a daily driver, natural or synthetic whatever is objectively better. Your feedback is much appreciated.
Here is a pic of my old brush for reference.


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Take a serious look at the Fendrihan brush on sale. I was dubious about the description vs price but took the chance. It’s a great brush. Soft, plush and nicely put together. Minimal shedding, only a few hairs since I’ve been using it. Really great value. Similar to what you already have perhaps?
Way too many great choices out there. Spend a few bucks, buy a few different brushes that catch your eye,
and have fun. We enjoy a terrific hobby with a tremendous variety of brushes at so many price points.
For the price of a nice dinner for two and a decent bottle of wine, you can buy lots of high quality brushes.
Enjoy the ride, have fun, and stay happy !
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There’s really no need to spend $100 on a single brush unless you’re searching for high end brands and/or custom handles. For ~ $20, you can have a synthetic lather machine and have plenty of money left over for additional products.
$100 ok let’s do this!
1) Omega Pro Boar (most expensive is Connaught Premium)
2) Stirling Finest Badger
3) PAA Synthetic of your choice
4) Simpsons Trafalgar T2

I think you should be able to get all of those, or close to it. Then you’ll have a really cool brush rotation that covers Badger, boar, and synthetic brushes.

Don’t be shy. More brushes are more fun.
The G5 premium synthetics from AP shave Co are, in my estimation, the finest shaving brushes available on the world market. Which one to get depends on preferences.

G5a - Short loft, scrubby and very soft with an intuitive splay and stays soft while splayed. Insane water retention. Amazing face latherer.

G5b - Very unique feel unlike any other synthetic. Soft, dries in minutes. Also has amazing water retention. Fiber width and taper gives it amazing flow through and produces lather faster than any other brush I've used (60+ brushes) hardest to describe.

G5c - The new standard for soft. Less backbone than the G5a and a different kind of backbone. Longer lofted and more fan shaped. Probably the best for bowl lathering but I use it to face lather. Maintains the crazy G5 line water retention. An ultra premium version of the 2bed and absolutely the softest brush on the market.
Thanks for your input. These seem to be the ticket, and I wasn’t even aware of them previously (I’m new around here)
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