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Taking off label from scales

is there a way to peel off the label from a Friodur's scales.
I want to use them for another razor, I tried to peel it off using a DE blade with no avail.
Appreciate any suggestion, may be someone else did it already? Thanks.


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I am not suggesting you do this, but I have taken labels like that off by soaking the scales in acetone. I do not know if that will work for everyone, all the time, on all scales. I'd do some on-line research first, I am sure there are a few posts about this out there. Max Sprecher might be able to advise - he has his own website.
As Gamma suggested, soaking the scales in acetone will lift the emblem off-IT WILL RUIN THE SCALES though.

Soak the scales for a few minutes and then you should be able to slide a blade under it
If your going to use the scales on another razor then don't use acetone, but you can use wet and dry sandpaper as the logo is very thin and sand it off. As you would have to do that anyway's as the logo would leave an indent to where it was......
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