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Taking Blade Out Of Stainless Steel Razor?

I recently bought an ATT Atlas which I love. Should I remove the blade from the razor after every shave? I plan to keep this razor forever and do not want to cause any issues with it. I've seen blades rust and I'm not sure if that would harm my razor.
I don't think you need to worry about the razor wearing out since it is stainless steel. Just don't drop it. Like any razor it can bend or maybe crack if subjected to a drop or force. That being said...stainless steel can corrode but not as easily as other grades of steel...so removing the blade would help in that aspect since two dissimilar grades of steel accelerate the process. Even though the blades are probably stainless they are plated with other metals.
I remove the blade from the razor almost after every shave, from the stainless steel razors after each shave.
On this way I keep the SS razors in an excellent condition, like a brand new, with a minimal chance to rust.
I've never removed the blade from any of my stainless razors. The only one that got rust was the Tradere, and that's because the head design doesn't allow much air round the blade. The rust came off easily with a toothbrush, and loosening the head to let air in after use prevented it from re-occurring.
I've had rust appear in my Feather AS-D1 from a carbon steel (not stainless) blade. The rust was easily removed with a soft toothbrush.

The Feather is plated stainless steel. A raw stainless steel razor head can make a stainless blade stained and thus create stains in the razors head. The stains can easily be removed with a toothbrush.

If you don't want to have stains in your raw stainless head you should remove the blade between shaves.

On a personal note I might add that I am way too lazy to change my routine for this fear of stains. But then I am using a plated SS head...
I take my ATT razor apart after every time I use it. I dry everything off, pat the blade dry with a towel then reassemble. I put the same blade back in or put a new one in for the next shave at this time. This keeps it looking nice and takes only about a minute to do.
In doing it this way, I've never seen any rust on it, even when using carbon blades.