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Take a walk on the "mild" side

That's what I'm doing for tomorrow's shave. My setup will be a black-handled Super Speed with a Red IP. I figure that's as mild as it gets in my den. I want to see how truly effective my NEW is, and see if I can get a BBS with the same amount of effort with a "mild" combination.
In my experience, the BH Super Speed is less mild, or more efficient if you like, than the 50s Tech. I personally can get a pretty darn good shave with a 70s Super speed, but I'm hard pressed to duplicate that with a post-war Tech. Of course, that's me, and I'm sure others may hold a different opinion.
Is a Black Handled Super Speed as mild as a 1950's tech? Or is it even milder? I've always been curious about that.

I'd say the Tech is milder. The blade gap on the black handled SS is actually greater than those of the flare-tip and 40's-style Super Speeds, but I find it to be a milder shave than either of the latter.

Anyways, had my shave this morning, and I did get my normal two-pass BBS, but I had to work harder to get it than I do with my NEW. Especially going ATG. No irritation though. We'll see how long the stubble stays away.
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