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Tactical Store purchase

Hi all,
I wanted to buy the Boker Edelweiss and it seems to be out of stock from everywhere on the net! I found it on the Tactical Store (http://www.tactical-store.com). Has anyone purchased from them? I know they specialize in military gear but was wondering if their they sell 'proper' shave ready razors.
Thank you.
My bet is no as they aren't "in the business" of razors and the like, but you might be surprised. You might try shooting them an email or call to ask.
That would probably be for the best, if you like their price, then its worth it for the cost of honing. Most places that sell them new aren't gonna send them shave ready, so you're gonna have to pay the cost of honing anyways.
Just make sure it's actually in stock and ready to ship first.
Lots of places like this post items for sale that they intend to either drop-ship or keep you waiting while they put their order in to their supplier.
Call - ask for a shipping day estimate and if they'll supply a tracking number on that day. Find out how returns or cancelled orders are handled too. Sometimes - online sellers like this only give 'credit' and other times they take out a hefty re-stocking fee.
Hi Gamma,
I did call them and they did not have in stock! It's proving impossible to find this blade.
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