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Tabactober/Razorocktober/LoCtober 2017

Well it is that time of year again! The month with four names!

Last year we had 3 seperate threads, well this year I am combining them so we can see who the winner is at the end of the month.

Tabactober = Tabac
Razorocktober = Razorock
LoCtober= l'Occitane Cade

All three are great products. So what are you using? Are you going to rotate throughout the month? Or just stick to one setup? All are welcome.

So grab your Cade, Mudder Focker, or Grandma's Purse I mean Tabac and let those crazy October scents fly!

Here we go Gents! The fun starts 10/1
Thanks for posting the thread. I personally will be in both the Razorock and Tabac camps. I'll be using Razorock hardware and AS ( 400 brush, Black AluHawk, and Mr Pink) and Tabac for soap. Should be a good month[emoji851]

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I'm in!

Starting 10/1 I'm going to 3017 a new tub of RR XXX Duro. So I will be using razorock soap the entire month.
I am in the home stretch on my current soap so I will be ready to start a new one on Oct 1. Its going to be LoCtober for me along with a Razorock synthetic brush. Will use the soap every day until gone but the brush will be probably rotated per my typical soap dialing in process.

Maybe next year will be tabactober.....
All right. I'm in with Merkur blades in a Merkur 34G. Tabac soap, and Tabac EDC blended with Nivea Balm (notice a trend there). Unfortunately I don't own a German Brush, but France and Italy are nearby so a Plisson La Maison du Barbier Synthetic and an Omega 10005 boar will more than suffice for lathering. As an Excalibur I will use the Merkur blade as long as possible, hopefully the whole month.
I'm in, been looking for an excuse to practice with the Black Hawk. Will also be using a Tabac shave stick, Razorock Caribbean Holiday shave soap and using the Plissoft Bruce.

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I was already thinking to start my own Tabactober after taking part in Speicktember. So the official Tabactober comes at the right time and a new bowl of Tabac soap is waiting to get opened at the start of the month. I don't know if I will exclusively use the Tabac after shave, but I will use it on a more regular basis.

As for Razorocktober I will dust off my German 37 Slant, but I won't use it as a daily driver either.


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Good. It gives me a reason to use Tabac. I can't use this soap up. I know I've had this same puck for a year or more or close to it. I have a sample make that two samples of the Cade shaving cream. One is from the tub and I guess the other from the tube. I used the one from the tub a couple of days ago and got a BBS shave. I also really like the fragrance. October is going to be an enjoyable month for shaving. I like both Tabac and Cade fragrances.
Since I have given up my 3017 attempt on MWF, I can certainly jump in with Tabac and a small slough of RazoRock products including soap, AS, and several razor heads. Looking forward to it.
Which vendor has the best prices on Tabac products? Are there any good German vendors that ship to the US? I have more than enough shaving products but acquisition disorders could be enabled through some very tempting prices.
I'm in for Cade and Tabac. I'd put the Tabac away for the summer, and was trying to 3017 a few other soaps so didn't get to the Cade.
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