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Tabactober 2021

No shave today, but glad that I can say I used only and all month long my Tallow Tabac soap (hard puck in the jar).
Things I experienced (again) this month:
  • Tabac is a wonderfull performer, slick and protective.
  • Tabac is a delight to lather.
  • Tabac has nothing to do with the smoking scent at all.
  • Tabac makes things sometimes slippery (had to replace my original FOCS handle)
  • Really liked this 'using soap a whole month' folmula, so I joined the SOTM club in order to use my soaps for a month long.
See you next year.
Final thoughts at the end of the Attack. I have mostly used the Vegan soap with the occasional Tallow. I have enjoyed using both products and am happy to continue with the new formula. As a SR user it continues to provide excellent slickness, protection and help give a final close shave with my best of edges. As for the scent, I can get the old lady's musty bag from the Soap Bar in the shower and continue to enjoy the latest (closer to the amazing aftershave splash) formula's aroma.

Overall a great Tactober and I have really enjoyed everyone's posts, thank you for sharing a slice (get it?)of your life!
Final shave for Tabactober. I definitely enjoyed my shaves this month. I'm grateful for this challenge as it got me to buy and try Tabac shaving soap while I could still get the tallow recipe pucks. I am now most decidedly a fan of Tabac.

Last night, I had shave #39 with blade #2 of the vintage Polisilver Stainless Steel blades. The blade was held in place with a Fatip Open Comb Grande in gold that I bought off the BST. I'm getting a little more used to the Grande, now, but I'll probably still need a couple more shaves before it's as comfortable as the Piccolo.

I used Tabac (tallow) shaving soap and made a good slick and cushiony lather with it.

Prior to the shave, I showered with warm water and also used warm water to soak my Semogue Owners Club cherry wood handle finest badger brush. After shaking my brush to remove some water, I picked up the soap puck in my left hand and swirled my brush across it for 45 seconds before scooping up the protolather and transferring it to my Captain's Choice Seaworthy lather bowl. What I couldn't remove from my hands, I rubbed on my face.

Next, I rinsed the remaining protolather off my fingers with some tap water and collected the soapy water in an empty cup. I then picked up my brush and began to stir it in the lather bowl while gradually adding some of the soapy water to make my lather. When my lather looked shave-ready, I applied a little of the soapy water to my face by hand before each lather pass.

I did my usual two pass (WTG and ATG) shave and buffed my trouble areas. This shave was smoother and had less blade feel than my last shave. However, it was still not quite as smooth as with the Piccolo and the blade feel was still greater than that of my shaves with the Piccolo. Also, I wound up having to buff a little more than with any of my shaves with the Piccolo (or even my last shave). Still, I managed a BBS without cutting myself.

I cleaned up my shave with my usual alum block pass before washing it off and applying aftershave splash (Stirling Spice) and aftershave balm (Van der Hagen Post Shave Soothing Balm). As with my shaves with my Piccolo, I felt no sting from the alum block though I felt a bit of sting from the alcohol in the splash, though.

This was my seventh time using the VDH balm. Again, I used a little less than pea sized amount of the balm and got a better skin feel (i.e., less "heavy"/greasy) but still perspired a bit more on areas of my face to which I applied the balm than areas without the balm.

All in all, I would also give this shave a 98.5/100.

I had a great Tabactober too. The first half of the month was mostly with a red baton handled Treet SE and a wooden RR/Zenith Boar,... the last half was with a Barbasol Floating Head and a chrome Fatip Badger brush, except for the final Halloween shave which was a Razorock Monster synthetic. I used a variety of similar milk bottled aftershaves - Tabac, Old Spice, and Seaforth! Spiced. Ordered / received a new Tabac balm and the almost comically huge 10 ounce cologne bottle.
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