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Tabactober 2021

Tabactober Sat 16 SR SOTD
Soap Tabac
Brush BOTI 26mm Fan Silvertip
Razor P Hospital Le Grelot Thiers
Aftershaves Stirling Witchhazel MitA + Clubman Whiskey Woods
Excellent lather from the soap. So easy to whip up and it was nicely creamy & slick...perfect for SR...!
Another enjoyable shave in the book! This razor is just excellent! The edge was keen yet smooth and comfortable after putting it through the full pasted balsa progression. 3+passes for a nice bbs/dfs result. Aftershaves were great too.
Last night, I had shave #32 with blade #2 of the vintage Polisilver Stainless Steel blades. Again, the blade was held in place with a Fatip Open Comb Piccolo in nickel. This was my fourth shave with a Fatip razor; I'm really loving it!

I used Tabac (tallow) shaving soap and made just about just as good a lather as I could with it. It was slick and cushiony.

Prior to the shave, I showered with cold water and also used cold water to soak my Semogue Owners Club cherry wood handle finest badger brush. Additionally, I drizzled a handful of drops of cold tap water on top of the soap.

After the puck absorbed the bloom water, I shook my brush to remove some water, and picked up the soap puck in my left hand. I began swirling my brush across the top of the soap for a minute before scooping up all the protolather left on the puck and transferring it to the shaving bowl. Next, I rinsed the remaining protolather off my fingers with some tap water and collected the soapy water in an empty yogurt cup. I then picked up my brush and began to stir it in the shaving bowl while gradually adding some of the soapy water to make my lather. When my lather looked shave-ready, I applied a little of the soapy water to my face by hand before each lather pass.

I did my usual two pass (WTG and ATG) shave and buffed my trouble areas. I wound up with a very smooth BBS shave.

I cleaned up my shave with my usual alum block pass before washing it off and applying aftershave splash (Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue) and aftershave balm (Nivea Men Sensitive Soothing Post Shave Balm). Because I over-buffed a bit, I wound up feeling just a hint of the alum sting. It was about a 2/10. Afterward, I also felt the small sting from the alcohol in the splash.

As I said before, I'm going to aim for shave #60 with this blade. If I can manage to continue making lathers like last night's, it's very possible.

All in all, I would give this shave a 98.5/100.

Tabactober 17
15 /15 Tabac shaves

Rolls Viscount (3 passes)
Gillette Ball-end Old Type /Astra SP (cleanup pass)
Mojo Handcrafts
And, of course, Tabac

I hadn't used the Rolls in months. May need to go to the stones (I hone it outside the mechanism) as it felt less efficient and left me with only SAS after three passes. Finished up with a second ATG pass with the Old Type for DFS+. And the Old Type fits right in for OCtober. Bonus!
This mornig another Tabac shave.


4th use of this Kai stainless steel blade and due to harsh shaves spent this mornig especialy attention to technique: no pressure, short strokes, etc..
Yet another close but uncomfortable shave with again some bloody dots. conclusion: this combo of blade with the FOCS is nothing for me, Gillette platinum, rapira platinum lux and sputnik teflon cooated work way better.

Since Tabac soap makes every thing slippery I changed the original handle and used one of my Gillette old style clone. Treading fits and closes tight. This handle works way better for me.
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