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Tabactober 2021


Today, I used my Tabac Stick shaving soap. Something I haven't done in a while. But something I haven't done more then a long time ago is use my Gilette Goodwill from 1929 that was made in Canada less then 20 km from my home.

Since it's a stick, I've had to face lather which is something I don't like that much. I think it left me with some irritation from the scrubbing of the brush. I've used this razor many times before with great result. I used to shave everyday a couple of week/months ago, which is not the case anymore.

First pass was more then enjoyable. Like if my skin wasn't complaining on the scrubbing. But pass 2 and 3 was more challenging. It was still a pleasant shave without any roughness. The only thing is that when I used my alum block it did told me that my face was a bit irritated by something. I dunno if it's the face lathering process or the razor ...

I felt some stinging from the Alum, but it wasnt that much of a big deal.

Although I'm "only" on shave #13 with the Vintage Polsilver, I'm very impressed by the performance of this blade.

Tabac is a awesome performer, i think that next time I'll scrappe some into my bowl prior to lathering.

Have a nice one gents!
Last night, I had shave #30 with blade #2 of the vintage Polisilver Stainless Steel blades. The blade was held in place with a Fatip Open Comb Piccolo in nickel. This was my second time trying a Fatip razor.

I used Tabac (tallow) shaving soap and made my lather just right. It was rich and creamy with plenty of slickness and cushion. I managed to get a nice irritation free BBS shave.

Prior to the shave, I showered with cold water and also used cold water to soak my Semogue Owners Club cherry wood handle finest badger brush. Additionally, I drizzled a bit of cold tap water on top of the soap.

After the bloom water turned filmy with soap, I dumped the bloom water into an empty yogurt cup, shook my brush to remove some water, and picked up the soap puck in my left hand. I began swirling my brush across the top of the soap for a minute before scooping up all the protolather left on the puck and transferring it to the shaving bowl where I began to continued swirling my brush while gradually adding some of the bloom water (along with more cold tap water) to make my lather. After my lather was shave-ready, I applied a little of the bloom water to my face by hand before each lather pass.

I did my usual two pass (WTG and ATG) shave and barely buffed my trouble areas. I did not feel the during this shave since I learned not to hold the razor at a steep angle (i.e., past neutral). By riding the cap and maintaining a shallow angle, the shave was nothing but smooth.

I cleaned up my shave with my usual alum block pass before washing it off and applying aftershave splash (Stirling Spice) and aftershave balm (Nivea Men Sensitive Soothing Post Shave Balm). As with my last shave, I barely felt the alum block at all. Still, I felt some sting from the alcohol in the splash.

Thanks to the Fatip, I'm, now going to aim for shave #60 with this blade. I'm confident that I can get 40 shaves out of the blade. I'm thinking 50 is possible, but I want to aim for 60 smooth shaves with one blade.

All in all, I would give this shave a 99.5/100. I've never been more tempted to give a shave an 100/100!

Tabactober shave 2

My whole routine was completely upset this morning when I had to jump on a work emergency before my daily shave.

Thankfully, working from home, I was able to sneak a quick shave later in the afternoon.

Soap: Same old Tabac stick (the only Tabac product I currently own)
Aftershave: Lucky Tiger
Blade: Voskhod
Razor: Rockwell 6S plate 5
Brush: PAA Starcraft

Everything was going really well until I cut my jaw like a noob. Voskhod blades are sneaky that way.

I’m starting to enjoy the scent of Tabac a bit more than I did at first (the Arko Principle at work?) and the performance as well as post-shave feel are just so great. I’ll probably test it with a badger brush next time.
Forgot to post it on Sunday, but my third shave of the month was again the same as the first two. It's almost impossible for me not to have a delightful shave with this setup. Think I'll swap out to a different blade for the next shave, just for the heck of it, or I could potentially ride out the whole month without changing anything below except the shave count on the blade, lol.

Razor: 1st gen Tradere OC-00145
Blade: Kai (3)
Brush: Wee Scot
Soap: Tabac
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