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Tabactober 2020

P01017-084308 (2).jpg

October 17:

Out of town and the stick is on duty for the weekend. Quick rubbing on the chin area and face lathering with my Semogue 1470 resulted in just enough lather for my 2 passes and touchups. And an excellent lather it was. As per yesterday, New LC and a Nacet (2) took care of the daily stubble. Finished with B&M Cologne Russe.

Happy shaves and have a great weekend! :)

Brush - Omega 11819 (24 mm/55 mm)
Soap - Tabac Stick
Razor - Fat Handle Tech
Blade - Lancet Super Platinum (10)
Post - Witch Hazel/Alum
Balm - Nivea Cool Kick
AS - Akcay Tobacco

Overhydrated the lather today and the lather was a bit thin for the 2nd pass and picked up a weeper on the 2nd pass, that aside the results were very good.
OK, now I see what the big deal is with Tabac. It produces gobs of thick lather almost immediately. It left my face feeling a bit dry, but some Nivea ASB, which I'd use anyway, took care of that. I've only tried a few of the standard shave soaps, but I'd put the aroma in the same general category as Haslinger sheep's milk and marigold. Of course, only the Nivea aroma remains at this point. On with Tabactober.
Tabac just gets better and better with daily use. I have the puck dishing, but after using daily since the last week of september I don't think the edges have budged. The lather I wring out of the knot is just decadent! Definitely up there with Volabra tallow and Haslinger tallow for a soap that's as good as it gets.

All this past week it's been:
Stirling Badger brush (surprisingly nice given the price!)
Tabac soap in an old OS mug
Timeless OC head on a timeless handle
Astra SP
Mix of AS's including Tabac, Maggard's Tobacco and Leather, Tiki The Captain and AB Green Tobacco

Brush - Zenith Euro X (unbleached boar 23 mm/58 mm)
Soap - Tabac Stick
Razor - Fat Handle Tech
Blade - Lancet Super Platinum (11)
Post - Witch Hazel
AS - Bens Bay Rum w/Pimento

I loaded about the same amount of soap I did yesterday when I used my Omega brush of the same size and with the Zenith the soap exploded into enough lather for about 5 passes, the Zenith seems to be so much more efficient than its Omega counterpart, but I seem to prefer the face feel of the latter. I'm impressed with the LSP, it's still performing really well.
Some fine other non Tabac ingredients in your shave, I've been using a Omega 11819 (same knot as the 10066), LSP blade and Denim splash recently; IMO an Omega boar & Tabac is a sublime combination.
They are all good products ,I like the Lancet blades they are sharp and irritation free. I am going to try thei Lancet advance superior platinum tommorow.Omega do a boar identical to the 10066 with a badger effect .I find this a better knot and normally reach for this but they are both good brushes.
This is a few days late.

Close shave, but not super smooth. For some reason the Personna Stainless blades I always buy from my local market are no longer made in Israel, but in the US. I’m not sure if the quality of the blades has changed or they just don’t agree 100% with my 41c. I guess I need to try the American blades with my Progress to determine if it’s the blades. Because the Israeli ones always gave me an incredible shave in my Progress.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Razor: Merkur 41c
Blade: Personna Stainless USA
Brush: Omega Proraso Pro
Lather: Tabac Classic
Aftershave: Proraso Red

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