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Tabac, The Original Since 1959

[QUOTE="Amazed that you're on year two also - which to me actually makes this a very cheap soap.[/QUOTE]
I agree that the longevity of it really makes it somewhat of a bargain, especially since it's such a great performing soap. Some guys might balk at the initial price of a soap that costs in the twenties when they can purchase other great artisans for around $10.
I love Tabac Original Aftershave, in fact it's been my all time favourite for 12 years - so the soap was on my wishlist almost ever since I switched back to DE shaving in November 2014
When I eventually pulled the trigger on a Tabac Original Soap Stick last year, I was expecting a similar scent to the aftershave.
IMHO they both carry the same DNA, but the soap scent is a scent in it's own right
Unfortunately it plays hell with my sinuses if I try to use it early in the morning and makes me sneeze loudly, violently and uncontrollably - my record was 20+ sneezes in quick succession !!
Pity because it's very good soap -
On the plus side, I can use it with no ill effects on the rare occasions I shave in the afternoon or early evening ready to go out at night - I'm almost guaranteed that the soap will last for years !!
Another plus is that I only ever use the Tabac aftershave for nights out - and the soap and aftershave compliment each other perfectly - whenever I treat myself to lathering with Tabac soap and finishing up with a very generous splash of Tabac aftershave - I always enjoy it all the more
"...Oddly, I couldn't tolerate the aftershave. There's something different about the AS scent, and I found it almost nauseating. But the soap ... :clap:

I had the very same, "almost nauseating" reaction when I smelled Tabac soap for the first (& last?) time ... in less than an hour, the Tabac was repackaged for the trip back from whence it came. Even the wife & daughter found the scent somewhat odd & elusive.
... then I read Tabac threads such as this one & I flirt with the notion of a second go-around with this (obviously) amazing soap.
You can get a Tabac refill puck on amazon for 10.99 with free shipping (not prime eligible). At least in the US you can, the shipping takes awhile though.
Tabac and Arko (strangely enough) are both great soaps with "polarizing" scents. I'm lucky in that I love both. MWF is my other top tier. All three are big in tallow and stearic.

Took forever to kill off my last Tabac puck, so I don't sweat the cost at all. I've found that putting a little warm water on top while I strop makes it stupid easy to lather.

The smell is FLOWERING tobacco, not the stuff in a pipe or cigar. My mom grew it. Popular with humming birds.
Tabac is on my list to try, but it'll be awhile as I have supplies for like 2 years already. Maybe if I finish off a tub of TOBS or the B&M Oceana....
Eh, it's love/hate thing obviously. I really like Tabac and I have actually grown to like the scent more as I have grown accustomed to it. I also like the performance based upon my somewhat limited experience.
I love the scent. Your sense of smell is powerful. It can immediately send you back to a particular moment in time. I was 4-5years old, my dad would get up for work in the morning, shave and every morning before he left he would come in tell me he loved me and gave me a hug. When i got into wet shaving, tabac was my first soap i purchased. I dont use it much but every now and then I'll lift the lid and take a couple of sniffs. I'm glad they haven't changed the scent, it brings back memories.
It is by far one of the most protective soaps on the market. I think sterling annise and panna cream are right up there too. When you have that thick two or three day growth you can always depend on Tabac. The scent is like Archie Bunkers t shirt
I love the scent of Tabac and performance is among the best. I only have the stick and it is my favorite. Doesn't get any better than this.

After using Barrister & Mann, Tabac moved to number 2. It hasn't been used since I left DE shaving for Feather's artist club DX with proguard blades (Tabac was terrible with this combination). Now, that I've graduated to professional blades, I'd like to try Tabac again since B&M only lasts me 3 months via Simpson Wee Scot brush..

Oddly, I couldn't tolerate the aftershave. There's something different about the AS scent, and I found it almost nauseating. But the soap ... :clap:

I'm on the same boat. If the AS could speak, it would tell everyone around me that it hates them and will flush them out of the room with its insanely obnoxious fragrance. I like Tabac cologne though; it smells like "it's morning and I've just wet-shaved!".
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