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Tabac, Speick: Yes or No?

The one I got, which is from a different seller on Amazon, is the new formulation. Unfortunately I am not in a position to pull the trigger and snatch up one of the old formulations.
Smallflower has the Tabac stick for $11, if that fits in the budget. E-mail them first to make sure it’s the tallow version. I did at the end of September, it was, so I bought one.

While I l like the smell of Tabac, and mine is old stock, I always have a horrible time getting a good lather out of it. It always dries out to quick on the face or too wet to hold a good lather. I just can't find the spot. So it doesn't get used as much as I like.
I've only used Speick Active, which is a vegan soap and it's not bad at all. The reason why I haven't used Tabac is the smell which some folks have described as ''grandmas leather purse''.
I absolutely knew this was coming as soon as I pressed Enter
Glow Beauty Inc was the Amazon vendor

Unfortunately the trash collection is today, I'll check down to see if the recycle bin has been taken yet.
I do recall Sodium Tallowate being in the ingredient list.
I just got my Tabac order from Glow Beauty Inc and they are still passing out the tallow formula. Get it while you can folks!

Stoked to try this stuff out.
I've only tried the Speick active vegan in puck form to my nose its a beautiful clean lemon smell nothing like Arko although I like the scent of it as well. And I've a puck and and a half of the tallow based Tabac which at the start I hated the smell but its grown on me. I really like both but I prefer th Speick just a bit more.
Hey all,

First post in years. I have for a very long time (like since I got into wet shaving in the early 2000s) been considering both Tabac shaving soap and Speick shaving soap. I have been offput by the price but I know that many have enjoyed Tabac very much and I personally LOVE the scent of Speick bath soap so I would like to try the shaving soap. Are these, in your experience, worth the price tag?

Thanks for any input!
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