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Tabac Shaving cream: Tallow, or new ingredients?

One of my very first experiences with traditional wet-shaving (many years ago, as a young man in my early twenties) was with a tube of Tabac shaving cream ... I gradually discovered that when worked diligently with a shaving brush, it made a phenomenal lather. And so I got more and more fond of (wet) shaving. For this reason I have always thought with nostalgic affection of this particular cream.
Now, in fact, I have not used this cream for a long time. These days I am more of a harder soap person. Indeed, I am also a lot older, and a lot more experienced in the art of shaving. But, one of my favourite soaps remain Tabac (as far as Tabac goes I like using a stick for face lathering).

However a few weeks ago, I decided to stock my den with some Tabac shaving cream. I was excited to see, given the experience I now have, if this cream in fact would live up to my fond memories of it. Also, not least, there was the "joker" issue of Tabac's apparently recent decision to discontinue tallow as an ingredient -- at least in their soap.

Alas -- I have tried out the cream now, and verdict is ...: I was disappointed ...!!

The lather I was able to produce, was simply not as rich, thick or slick, as that which I am able to get out of the Tabac hard soap. I should emphasize that I have stocked up generously on the Tabac soap WITH tallow, so the tallow version is the only one I am familiar with.

Hence my question to this forum:
-- Indeed, I do not find Tallow among the ingredients listed for my Tabac shaving cream. Was the Tabac shaving cream always without tallow, in contrast to the soap ...? Or, is Tabac Shaving cream without Tallow a recent invention?

For comparison, I have also used Speick on and off, both stick and cream. I find both to be really excellent, and interestingly the stick contains tallow, while the cream does not. So on the one hand there is reason to wonder whether this has also always been the case with Tabac stick and cream respectively..... and on the other hand, judging from Speick, a cream without tallow does not necessarily perform noticably worse than a hard soap with Tallow.

In fact, I get to wonder whether ANY cream contains tallow (as said, I am not really a cream person, so my experience is limited with shaving creams ... ) Maybe it is simply in the nature of tallow to more or less harden up (whether as a hard puck, or a croap like Cella, another of my favourites WITH tallow) ...??

Thank you to everyone who care to reply.
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I have two ceramic containers of Tabac with tallow. I’ve read the latest version is without tallow. I just got the tallow version on Amazon back in February.


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I've got a fifteen year old tube. There's no tallow. It's actually good cream, keep trying!

I have two ceramic containers of Tabac with tallow. I’ve read the latest version is without tallow.
Obviously, you're looking at your soap @Ratso ... we're talking creams here in the Shaving Cream forum. Tubes not dishes. :whistling:


I’m not a fan
Shave creams generally do not contain tallow, the exception being Vitos Eucalyptus shave cream. I highly doubt that Speick or Tabac shave creams ever contained tallow.

I'm an unabashed fan of Speick products. Great stuff.
I love Tabac soap but was very disappointed with the cream. I haven’t used the cream in a few years now. I should give it another chance. I’ve only used the soap with tallow, and I just opened a new puck. Should last me awhile. It’s a fall and winter scent for me.
Why did they feel the need to mess with the ingredients of their perfect soap?
They got it absolutely right, the best shaving soap on the market by miles.
Then they go and over think it and ultimately ruin it.
I hate them.
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