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Tabac Overflow

So i was getting to what I thought was the bottom of my Tabac bowl, the brush handle kept hitting the sides of the jar-no problem time for a new puck. I plucked out the old puck, put a new one in and then replaced the old one on top.

Now I have Tabac Overflow, going to have to use this until the lid fits again.

This is a great problem to have since I think Tabac is tops.

I've only used their shave stick and it is tops also. Could be the best shave stick around. It works in soft or hard water.
I haven't used mine in a while. Great soap. Just got stuck on the bottom of the pile and forgot about. Gonna have to pull it out and use it soon. I like to add a few drops of glycerin to my lather.
When I have this happening I use the old one as a shave stick before starting a new puck but good pun.
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