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Tabac mystery-poltergeists maybe

My Tabac soap, about half used, has recently started acting weirdly. But only when I'm not looking. After shaving I rinse off the soap, put the lid on, and set it on the shelf. It looks normal when I put it away. The next morning, when I open it, there is a peak of soap about 3/4 inch tall in the middle of the soap. I'm thinking poltergeists. But maybe there is a logical explanation. Has anyone else encountered this? (Has everyone else encountered this and I'm the last one?) Can someone tell me what is happening?
That's not what I pictured. Well, I will change my answer. Might be glycerin coming to the surface. Can't think why it's not more uniform accross the surface of the puck.
Water enters between the puck and the bowl. As the puck expands from moisture on the top is seals off the entry way. When you are done using it and put it away it continues to expand downward but pressure is relieved as the moisture, now in the form of paste escapes out of a crevice (from previous dry periods) in the center of the puck.


Moisture enters the crevice in the center and falls midway or to the bottom of the bowl but as the puck expands overnight from moisture, it pushes the paste back out from the crevice in the form of paste.

As I said, I believe your TABAC dreams at night.
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