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Tabac Man or Craftsman

I’ve heard of Tabac, of course. I’ve used the soap, but never the AS or Eau de anything. I will guess the scent is similar. Feel free to correct me. I was wondering, has anyone ever used the Tabac Craftsman or Man? Can you describe? I never see it mentioned, so perhaps they are not that great.
Well, I use the Tabac tallow soap a lot for saving, and have the white Tabac original after shave and the craftspan edt.
I decided to buy the craftsmen edt when I was in a supermarket, they had both edt's (craftsmen and original) so comparison was rather easy. Don't ask me to describe scents but I tought the craftsmen had a bit more masculin scent and was imho longerlasting. Anyway, I don't regret buying the craftsmen, will do this again when it's finished.
The Tabac AS smells nasty, like a cigarette butt, nothing like the soap! YMMV.
certainly does vary...

I love the scent of tabac soap, bought the splash and found i liked that also so bought the cologne as well

was bit worried about the missus but out of all the splashes i have, Tabac is one of her favourites and no she aint a granny :)
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