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Tabac & John Varvatos

Picked up these two last week; it was my first experience with both of them.

Tabac: Obviously gets lots of attention on the forums due to their apparently excellent soap (haven't tried it). I figured the EdT would be a slam dunk, however, it wasn't love at first sniff for me. In general, scents with musky dry downs really offend me. However, with the Tabac it is moderated by some nice vanilla and spice notes. Interesting stuff. Very masculine scent that is hard for me to describe. I will continue to wear this one, and its stock is slowly improving.

John Varvatos: Another intriguing scent, but one I liked immediately. This one is in the Spanish Leather type of category, but has some very interesting notes added, such as (I think) figs, curry leaves, etc. It is quite exotic, and not as sweet as the Trumpers SL. Also not nearly as powerful as I thought it would be. I was quite conservative in how much I applied, but it can be somewhat subtle. The dry down is really nice. Definitely a keeper.

If anyone has interest in the other small bottle of JV I got, drop me a line and we can chat about a trade.
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