Tabac is the best kept secret in shaving

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Cino, Jan 12, 2019.

    I pulled a puck of Tabac from the back of my closet this morning and I'm now wondering why I don't use it more often. This soap really doesn't get enough recognition around here. I wonder why? Smoothest shave i've had in some time.
  1. rockviper

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    Many of us love Tabac. However, all the new fangled soaps from all the new fangled small-shops with all the new fangled scents on their new fangled formulae get all the new thread starts.
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  2. martym

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    Top of my top 5
  3. Tabac Tuesday is a day I look forward to every week.
  4. Tabac is one of my favorites.
  5. This, all the fangled stuff sums it up well!

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  6. Ad Astra

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    It's not boutique. Not hand-crafted. Doesn't save the planet.

    Just the best shave soap, period.

    It does provide one example of what an actual man smells like.

    AA :kyle1:
  7. So far, of the few soaps I've used, Tabac and Derby are my top two, because they work. Other ones seem to me to be harder to get a good lather.
  8. Tabac isn't a "secret" - it's one of the most discussed soaps/creams on the forum.

    Total hype for a mass market product with a so-so scent, or a popular favourite for its performance qualities, take your pick.

    But a secret it is not.
  9. Tell us how you REALLY feel....:c1: :gun_bandana:
  10. Marco

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    Tabac is a great classic and is universally considered as one of the very best soaps among experienced wet shavers. Performance is superb, but sadly the scent is not my cup of tea.

    That being said, I have exactly the same feelings towards Haslinger, especially the Schafmilch.
  11. ackvil

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    Just because it is not talked about does not mean it isn't highly regarded. As others have said, new soaps are what folks talk about rather than the classics such as Tabac.
  12. It happens that I like Tabac scent. The shaving soap that is, as I never tried any other product from this line.
    Its performance is indeed top notch.

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  13. I agree. This conversation inspired me to pull out a neglected pick of Tabac, but as I was using it, I remembered why I don’t pull it out much. Although I agree it is a great performer, I just can’t get behind the scent.
  14. I agree 100%.
  15. I'm another who can't get past the scent of Tabac.
  16. +1.
  17. sarimento1

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    Why?? Simple...

  18. I won’t lie, I had to let my puck air out a couple weeks before I could take it to my face. Lasted me about a year with intermittent use, by the end it was a lovely scent. At first it made my eyes water.

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