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Tabac from FragranceX - unpack

So today the store person came in with a package for me....

*** is that ???? That box is huge, I'm not waiting for anything that big......

Have a squiz and it's from Fragrance X, so can only be the Tabac I ordered about 4 weeks ago :001_smile

So for $17AU, shipped free, 4 week wait, me Tabac is finally here. I've seen some over packaging working in IT and this is a pretty good example. In this case though it's warranted ( unlike a paper license in the same size or bigger box ) . It's definitely not going to break in transit !!!! :001_smile

Kiddies football not on till 11 am tomorrow ( Saturday ) , so lots of time to give the Tabac a nice slow introduction :001_smile



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That's one big box Ian... You should've seen the size of the box when I ordered 5kg of coffee... It was big enough to fit 15kg... :lol:
How many trees were cut down for all that?? Ian you are going to love the Tabac. Excellent choice Sir.
That's one big box Ian...

In IT industry it wouldn't be unusual to have that size box with 1 notebook memory stick in it :bored::bored:

I swear if the IT industry goes under so does the packaging industry.

The postage for that package from US to AU was US $00.31? :eek:

Yeah, noticed that. Didn't worry me as theoretically the shipping was free.

Normal turnaround from US is about 2 weeks with the charge being around $6US ( $10AU ) I think , this took 4 weeks, so even if I paid the .31c still a good deal :001_smile
Mine too, us Ozzies are going to put FragranceX out of business. They can't be making too much out of each bowl they sell us.
Tabac SS Provided a great shave and the scent was very nice but it irritated my skin so bad I had no choice but to sell it :frown:

Jarmo P

I ordered 1 Tabac refill in my first time purchase from FragranceX and the package could have contained at least 50 refills. See the refills are not breakable so the bubble wrapping was totally unnecessary.

So the original poster's package ample as it is, is not a record size from them :rolleyes:
Them bubbles make a loud sound when breaking them and if you have children they sure enjoy doing it.
my package from fragranceX was similarly slow, and similarly overpacked

I'm guessing the slowness has to do with getting it to the other side of the globe. My orders from FragranceX have always arrived promptly, and similarly well-packed.

More importantly, you are in for a real treat. Tabac in general (and the SS in particular) is one of the great pleasures of wetshaving.

Enjoy the tallowy goodness!!
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