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tabac first use

so used tabac yesterday and it performed better then the last few times

still dont think its got the strongest scent though
Older thread, I know. But I stumbled across while searching for some Tabac advice. I've only used the stick, which I bought back in '15. At that time, I was advised that the stick is the BEST option for Tabac. It's been a very good performer for me - plenty of scent, easy to lather and great slickness. For using a relatively modest amount applied directly to my face after blooming the stick in warm water, I get an abundance of thick, cushiony lather that's more than enough for a 3+ pass shave.
I recently started using the Tabac stick exclusively (until I use it all up) and do notice that the scent has dissipated somewhat over time. I've also noticed that it now has a tendency to "cake" on my face and no amount of face lathering, even with a stiff boar brush, fully activates all of the soap. What I'm left with is a razor clogging sludge that can interfere with the closest of shaves if extra time and care is not taken. Kind of a bummer, but I'm willing to chalk it up to old product and not let it diminish (too much) my high esteem for Tabac.
Saj - keep trying brother! I can't speak to the puck but with the stick you have to bloom before applying, use a wet brush with ample product, and face lather vigorously to produce the desired effect. Even though, I'm not fully activating all of the soap, I still get more than enough lather for my needs.
so used the tabac shaving soap for the second time,
lather was better as i loaded the brush more but again hardly any scent

imho so far overrated stuff and arko is miles better
The scent strength is subjective. For me the Tabac scent is too strong. If I don't get the soap off every inch of my face I stink all day:)
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