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tabac first use

I know for a fact that the lather on the ARKO man in the picture is the result from a face lathered tallow Tabac stick.
Well they say there's more to what meets the eye




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A perfect tallow Tabac lather.

Now you know what you should be aiming for.
Back when my son was about 5 years old, he used to love to play with the sticks of Arko. He used to point at the Arko guy and say "Look, he's happy. This must be good stuff."

Obviously, my son has great taste in shaving soap.


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finally got around to using the tabac shaving soap in the bowl........all i can say is meh! lol

got a weak scent and just not good if im being honest,
i remember someone saying that the soap performs better then the shaving cream but honestly this felt exactly the same to me

ive still to try out the tabac shaving stick

i think the more soaps i use the more i appreciate arko, the slickness, the scent (i like it, dont hate! lol)
and also the price, i mean to me its way ahead of tabac in every department.....of course YMMV

p.s i have the tabac with tallow
I liked Tabac OK but it eventually made my face itch as did the AS. The stick is the same soap. You are right about ARKO though. I’ve not used anything significantly better. If it doesn’t seem slick enough, you just haven’t got it wet enough yet. Since I liked Tabac, it is obvious that I’m not concerned with the scent of a shave soap.
Tabac is excellent. But straight up head-to-head against arko I think it loses. (If you can't abide the scent of arko that's another thing, by all means avoid it.) But I do like tabac.
so used the tabac shaving soap for the second time,
lather was better as i loaded the brush more but again hardly any scent

imho so far overrated stuff and arko is miles better
First time I used Tabac, I was impartial to the scent. I used it a handful more times and I had to buy the cologne and I wear it nearly every day. Love it.
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