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FS T+S, A&E, Joserra, TOBS, BM Soaps and Splashes

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A den clearing selection of excellent soap and splashes from Tallow + Steel, Jos Jabones de Joserra, Ariana & Evans, Taylor of Old Bond Street, and Barrister + Man. These are all great but their scents didn’t win me over, so they aren’t getting used (and I’ve bought way too many other soaps and splashes). Unless noted, each has been used just 2-3 times. The selling price includes Paypal / USPS priority shipping in CONUS (Canada will be more). If you order 3 or more, take $5 off each item from the third on.

T+S West Indies soap and splash. $30 (new is $55) (possibly used 3x)
T+S Sicily soap and splash. New $30 (new is $55)

Joserra Green Twist soap. $24 (new is $35)
Joserra Vanitas soap. $24 (new is $35, but I don’t believe it’s available)
A&E Skin Essentials Shaving Butter. $12 (new is $19)
A&E The Undersea soap. $16 (new is $23) (possibly used 3x)

TOBS Royal Forest aftershave (used once). $35 (new is $45)
B&M Nocturne - Aftershave -never used, only opened. $15 ($20 was new, but I believe it is no longer available).
The T&S West Indies set is sold
The A&E Undersea is sold
The TOBS Royal Forest aftershave is sold.

This leaves:
The T+S Sicily set
The Joserra Green Twist soap
The A&E Skin Essentials Shaving Butter
and the
B&M Nocturne
and I'll sell everything that's left -- the Sicily set, Green Twist, A&E Butter, and the Nocturne - for a price of $65!
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The T&S Sicily set is sold.

Joserra Green Twist
The A&E Skin Essentials Shaving Butter
and the
B&M Nocturne
Price for all three: $42.
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