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T&H shave worth the money?

I'm going to Toronto this week and am considering going to get a shave from the T&H shop there, but it's pricey! The $50 I would spend on a shave could get me an ASB and part of a cream, or many other goodies.

I have heard many people say the shave wasn't great either, they can get a better shave with their own equipment.

As I am a student and money is tight, should is the splurge worth it or should I save the money?

Thanks guys in advance!
I think I would be happier with some goods over the service. I'm a student too and it's definitely been tricky having an extra hobby injected into my budget. YMMV but for me the fact the I enjoy shaving doesn't translate into wanting someone else to shave me
you can check Youtube for some vids on T&H or Trumpers etc..its pretty much gonna be about the same as the vids..

they will use a shavette .. they might use a straight if you provide it..dont know.

if youre like me youll be disappointed either way as in if you get the shave youll wish you had got the products..if you get the products youll wish you had gotten the shave..damn my ocd :blink:
The way I look at it is, you can spend the money for one shave you may not like or you can buy some products for multiple shaves you know you're going to enjoy.
I think you are better off buying product then going to a high-end shop for a shave...unless it had stellar reviews. Another option would be to do a Yelp search for Toronto barbers who may offer shaves then you would be able to get some new product and a shave!
I just had a barber shop shave at Monsieur in Toronto. It is cheaper than T&H, just the shave is $30. I enjoyed the whole experience but truly it really wasn't any better than I can do on my own. If money is an issue I would also suggest skipping and buying some gear instead.
I think it is something that is great to do for yourself, but not at the expense of other things.
If you don't, you're always going to be asking yourself. Go ahead and scratch the itch.

I guess it kind of depends on how often you get the opportunity. If it's frequently, wait until money isn't so tight.
Tough call on this one. It most likely won't be the best shave of your life. Is it really about the shave? You can shave your own face just fine, right? Going to a place like T&H is about much more than the shave. It is all about the experience, luxury, pampering, relaxation, bonding with friends, etc. So that's what you are really paying for. Is it worth it to you? No one can answer that but you.
I think $50 is a lot of money to spend on a shave. You can spend that money on some gear for yourself, and as time goes on, and technique improves, you'll be getting much better shaves. :001_smile

As for the shavette, I'm afraid that that's what we've come to what with all different things out there that will mess up your life. You can still get a really good shave with the shavette though, remember its still an open blade razor, just like a regular straight. :001_rolle :w00t: :thumbup:
It's probably worth a try, otherwise you'll never really know. However, there are far less expensive shaves out there.

Bloor & Spadina - Monsieur Barber
$30. Ignore the typo in the website - it's really a Hot Lather Shave, with no Leather involved. http://www.monsieurbarbershopandspa.com/

Bloor St in the Annex - Gus The Other Barber
I think they charge $18 -ish ... that place is super duper old school - a real time machine.

T&H is of course expensive because it is T&H, and also because this one is located within the heart of the heart of the Financial District. No student deals here.

Enjoy, and then let us know how it all went. I found the experience so relaxing I nearly fell asleep.
I've had one in Chicago and enjoyed it but wouldn't consider it worthwhile if money is an issue. For the same amount as a shave with tip, you can buy a tub of cream/aftershave balm combo of your favorite T&H scent. That will give pleasure for months to come.

Now, a regular T&H haircut is one of life's necessary luxuries here in Chicago.
If you don't, you're always going to be asking yourself. Go ahead and scratch the itch.

I guess it kind of depends on how often you get the opportunity. If it's frequently, wait until money isn't so tight.

Good advice. I concur.
You're not paying $50 for a shave, you're spending the money on an hour of pampering with hot towels, facial massages and fancy products. Best case you'll get a fairly decent shave out of it, but it's really more about the relaxing experience.

Whether or not that's worth it depends on what you're looking to get out of the experience.
If you've never tried it, I'd give it a go... But if your on a tight budget then maybe some product would be better?!?
Thanks for all the advice. I'm young and probably don't actually deserve the pampering yet, so I think I'm going to hold off until $50 isn't really a big deal. I'll be around a T&H again I'm sure, maybe I'll even try to book something when I go to England next year. I've been wanting the Grafton cream and balm since I used up everything in my T&H sampler, so hopefully that's what I can get. Cheers!
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